HTC Mini Plus Accessory- Specs & Reviews

HTC unveiled Mini Plus multi feature accessory for the specific HTC smartphones. The device looks different from the other smartphones accessories including Sony smartwatch, Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch and Apple iWatch. The accessory is Slightly bigger than a playing card. HTC Mini Plus is a handy device featuring Bluetooth that can be used in place of your smartphone. It performs almost all the functions similar to your smartphones. This device is extremely light in weight. It weighs as much as two packets of chewing gum. The HTC Mini Plus comes in a plastic body.

Mini Plus has a 1.5-inch OLED display with 128×128 pixels resolution that shows information regarding caller ID, messages etc. the Bluetooth enables the users to receive calls, SMS, E-mails and a lot more. You can answer of your phone calls without receiving calls on mobile.

HTC Mini Plus-

HTC Mini Plus looks like a TV remote and allows the user to operate his TV via an application. You can watch videos and pictures on this device, and can play games too. All you have to do is to connect this device with your phone wirelessly with the help of NFC technology or Bluetooth and then get ready for a completely new experience.

You can even type messages and dial numbers with the help of its numeric keypad. The device has a 320-mAH rechargeable battery that gives talk time of 9 hours and standby time of 95 hours.

HTC Mini Plus- Specs & Features

  • The dimensions of HTC Mini Plus (H X W X D) are 118.7 X 39.8 X7.15mm.
  • The device also has an in-built slideshow remote and laser pointer that can be used by professionals at their presentations and meetings.
  • This device is compatible with HTC One Mini, HTC Butterfly S, HTC Desire 500 and HTC Desire 200.
  • HTC Mini Plus is metallic silver in color.
  • This device makes use of applications like PowerPoint controls and CIR/Sense TV.
  • Make use of the preset response that is stored on your phone to view text messages and make instant replies.
  • You can even take a view of the upcoming and ongoing events on the calendar.
  • If the phone’s battery is significantly low, you will be notified on your device.
  • The device is connected with Bluetooth 2.1 and EDR.
  • You can even use it as a remote control for you phone’s camera and can capture pictures with it even when you are away from your cell phone.
  • You can also have a look at the call history and frequent calls received. In addition, you can even make use of the list to make a call.
  • The device even supports HTC live online chats.

The updated version (with prefix +), which can be ordered in the Clove, different from the previous, first, the fact that it is not free, and costs about $ 100. And secondly, with the help of HTC Mini + is now possible to control various video equipment as a conventional remote control – there appeared infrared.

By the way, HTC Mini + is clearly not designed for only one smartphone, and so with the release of HTC One Max with a 5.9-inch display, it will become even more important gadget. If you find the gadget really helpful in your life, then let us know a bit about it in comment section. If the post is really interesting, then share with your friends on social media.

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