HTC Fetch price and specs-A Unique HTC Accessory

Each of us at least once in your life, but something is bound to lose. Spend searching for a huge amount of time, remembering the location of the documents, keys or phone, it was necessary for everyone. Even worse, when the thing was lost on someone else’s fault, or at all was stolen.

I am glad that technology is not standing still, and developers continue to amaze us with all sorts of gadgets to solve everyday problems of personal alarms.

Do you have a habit of leaving behind your cell phone or you are afraid of losing your cell phone then HTC Fetch is the perfect solution for you. The main feature of HTC Fetch is to keep your phone and other belongings safe. It alerts you if you forget your phone anywhere.

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In addition, HTC Fetch comes with proximity mode. All you have to do is to Pair it with your cell phone and you will receive a beep that will warn you if you leave your phone behind within a distance of 15 meters. In case you lose your HTC Fetch device as well as your phone then a convenient map location feature will help you to know the location where your phone and HTC Fetch were last together. The main objective of the device is protection.

HTC Fetch does not look like a gadget or device but its features prove it an excellent smartphone accessory such as HTC Mini Plus, Sony SmartWatch, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Apple iWatch. HTC Fetch is available in the market and can be ordered on E-commerce portals. The price for HTC Fetch is approx. 19.99$. HTC Fetch is a small square shaped device made up of plastic. HTC Fetch comes with a rubber loop that can be attached to it for using the device as a key ring.

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HTC Fetch Price in US : $19.99/

HTC Fetch Price in India : Rs.2450/

HTC Fetch- Specs & Features

  • The HTC Fetch device acts as a remote camera shutter for your phone as long as the camera application of your cell phone is open.
  • HTC Fetch secures user’s smartphone by alerting them with a ringtone and a last location tracking map facility.
  • This accessory has Bluetooth 4.0 with the working range up to 15 meters but its working range depends on the environment.
  • It has a compact and sleek design.
  • The HTC Fetch is available in black color.
  • Its dimension (H X W X D) is 29.35X29.35X9.3 mm.
  • HTC Fetch has a replaceable battery life of 6 months i.e. after a period of 6 months you can exchange it for a new battery.
  • It is compatible with HTC Butterfly S, HTC One Max, HTC Desire 601 and HTC One Mini.
  • HTC Fetch incorporates an electronic leash that informs you when your belongings are out of range or when you are reaching within the range.
  • It is an easy to use and handy device with simple one button function.
  • The device can be easily paired up with your belongings and comes with an audible two-way alarm that informs you if you leave your cell phone somewhere.

The underlying technology of wireless remotes from different manufacturers  is an upgraded version of the traditional Bluetooth – Bluetooth 4.0, whose main advantage – work in standby mode. This function allows you to extend the life of Bluetooth devices and helps to significantly save power consumption. Now you can connect continuously operating devices such as key rings and chips to other devices.

To get started, you need to download the free app FOBO Tag 2 smartphone, available on ITunes and Google Play for Fobo and special application for HTC Fetch, and that is the link between your phone and the fob. It should be noted that the HTC Fetch operates only with devices HTC, which is much narrows the range of use. Fobo is guaranteed to work with all modern devices on iOS, and Android, for example starting from the iPhone 4s, iPad, top models of Samsung (Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2, Note 3, etc.). To work with Fobo smartphone must have an operating system Android 4.3 and have the support of Bluetooth 4.0 Smart.

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