HTC Battery Bar- An Excellent HTC Accessory

HTC Battery Bar comes in the list of HTC accessories with the HTC Fetch and HTC Mini Plus. The HTC Battery Bar is a portable and fashionable battery device, which charges the smartphones easily anywhere. Battery Bar’s features allow us to go anywhere with our smartphones without the tension of power supply to charge the phones. The power packed battery bar is competent to charge your smartphone about two times before it requires to be replenished. The HTC Battery Bar is a smart charger that will stop charging automatically once your device is completely charged. The HTC Battery Bar is available at a price of approximately £ 43.99 on one of the best online websites i.e. Amazon.

This stylish device is a vital source of handy battery power. It is very compact in size and thus can be carried easily anywhere in your pocket too. It enables users to charge any device such as tablets and smartphones with micro USB charging. Its specs stated that it is smaller than the other power backup device. The HTC Battery Bar is available in red and grey color. It has 6000 mAh capacity, and can charge your phone 40-50% faster than the other device. It is an easy to use device. All you have to do is to just plug in your smartphone to the micro USB charging cable’s end and then connect the end of the micro USB to the battery bar. Switch on the power button. This will charge your phone very fast. This device comes with a warranty period of six months.

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HTC Battery Bar-Specs & Features

  • The dimensions of the HTC Battery Bar device are 97.9X42.6X23.3 mm and its weight is 145g.
  • The Battery Bar has 6000 mAh capacity that can charge your phone up to 2 times. It is compatible for charging all devices having USB charging.
  • It has smart charging features e.g., auto power on and auto power off. This feature turns on charging automatically when we plug it into the phone and it stops charging when the phone is fully charged or when we disconnect it.
  • The HTC Battery Bar is available in red and grey, light grey and dark grey color.
  • HTC Battery Bar also contains LEDs and charge status button. It has four LED lights to notify the remaining charge.
  • In addition, the device also contains a remote camera shutter.
  • The HTC Battery Bar also contains a USB receptacle for battery bar charging.
  • The HTC Battery Bar also contains a micro USB plug for charging the device.

Boost your HTC One battery by HTC Battery Bar

HTC one is one of the greatest phone and the battery life is also better than its predecessor, but some time we require the more back up, so sharing the personnel experience with battery bar.

There is no alternative of HTC battery bar in my knowledge – cheaper, more versatile and powerful. I personally used several times with my HTC one device and it offered excellent backup. It charges the phone very quickly and faster than any other chargers. You will find very convenient to leave your phone charging on the desk with it.

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