How to install Windows 7 on PC or Laptop

Hi Guys! Today I am going to discuss about the most worthwhile things, which may be a part of Computer business, It’s all about to install Windows 7. I think that everyone has faced such a problem as ” Windows corrupted”, and reinstalling can be done only by experts, which can be too much costly. So here, I am telling you step by step procedure that how to format a computer and installing windows 7.

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Windows 7 – Preparations before Installation

1. First of all, we need a DVD of Windows 7, that can be purchased from any computer shop in the market or downloaded online. If you download it from an online store, it would possibly be in .iso format and you need to burn a disc. You can check our post how to burn a disc from iso file.

2. Before installation, you need to ‘save’ your files that exist on C drive. Usually, drive ‘C’ will be formatted during the installation procedure and all the files will be wiped out. If you are installing on a new PC, then It doesn’t concern you, well and in the other case you need to move all the files (from Drive ‘C’) to another drive. The data stored on the desktop, in my documents, pictures and downloads also will be deleted.

If you miss your data then will have to spend money for data recovery, and sometimes it may be serious. This is absolutely true that “Protection is better than cure”.

3. Now we come to the last point that you need to make tiny changes in BIOS setting and set the BIOS to boot from the CD/DVD. It should be in the first place (by default the computer boots from HDD). After doing all, simply insert the DVD in the drive and restart the computer or laptop whatever you are using. If the computer boots from the disk, then everything is ok. And, if the PC doesn’t boot, then you need to configure BIOS settings (check below). Preparing to install is complete, go to the installation.

How to configure BIOS Setting

This is not a big task, just restart your PC and press a specific key (generally display on the display while booting but mostly it happened Del button or F12). For Instance, press the “Del” key (tap continuously until the BIOS open) and a blue screen will appear with some functions. Go to “Boot” tab by arrow key and press enter on Boot device priority, Go to “First Boot Device “ and press enter and choose CD/DVD RW. Now Press F10 key and click on OK. Your BIOS setting will be saved accordingly and you should boot your CD/DVD.

How to install Windows 7 (step by step Procedure)

  • 1. Insert the CD/DVD in the drive and reboot the computer. If you did everything properly in the preparation, then you should see a white strip with ‘Windows is testing the files’. Need to Press quickly any key. See the below picture.


  • 2. Now you will get a language selection screen, select the desired language and click ‘next’.

windows 7 language-spiderorbit

  • 3. After that, we see here is a picture in which we click on the “Install”

windows 7 install-spiderorbit

  • 4. Then wisely read the license agreement, confirm it tick and click “Next”

How to load windows 7 on pc-spiderorbit

  • 5. You will see two options. If you have already previous version of windows, then click on upgrade or want to install fresh copy of windows, then click on Custom (advanced).

windows 7 upgrade-spiderorbit

  • 6. Here, you need to pay attention. If you already had an operating system and your hard drive is already broken, then do this: We are looking for selection in the list that we require(we need the disk “C”) in front of it should be written “System”. I will select “Disk 0 Partition 1” and then click on “drive option” and there will be format option. Now click on “Format” and confirm look forward to completing what would our drive was isolated (remains selected), and only after all the check again, press “Next”. When formatting, all data on the selected partition will be deleted!



If you are doing this on a new computer, you need to create partitions. In your case you will not only a marked area. Do this: Select it (not marked-area), click “Disc Setup” and “Create” and drive the size of the first partition. The first partition that you create, it will be a section on the system (drive “C”), I recommend to take 60-100 GB. The rest is not marked-region need to break more preferably twice. Again, take to create and introduce, such as 150 GB, and that will create another one and you should get a picture about how I:

 “For New PC”


  • 7. After clicking on “Next” in the last paragraph will initiate copying files and installing Windows 7.

windows 7 free install-spiderorbit

windows 7 download-spiderorbit

  • 8. Now go to the actual setting up Windows 7. Enter the user name and click “Next”

windows 7 ultimate-spiderorbit

  • 9. Enter the password, or not, as desired, and click “Next”

windows 7 security-spiderorbit

  • 10. If you have a key, write it, and if not, remove the check mark from the “Enable when connected to the Internet” and click “Next”
    windows 7 final procedure-spiderorbit
  • 11. Next, choose whether to awaken your Windows 7 upgrade or not. It is at your discretion.

windows 7 step by step guide-spiderorbit

  • 12. At the end, specify the time zone, date and time. And of course the press ‘Next’.windows 7 time and date zone setting-spiderorbit
  • 13. Finally, done. I congratulate you! Windows 7 is installed, some good pictures and a desktop in front of you.

windows 7 free guide-spiderorbit

windows 7 preparations-spiderorbit

windows 7 home screen-spiderorbit
I hope you got everything clear in this tutorial. The tutorial will help you to save a lot of money. You must share this on social media with your friends so that they can get the advantage of it. If you find any error during the installation, then check DVD properly. The tutorial is fully tested hundred of times. Thanks for giving time, waiting for your reviews in the comment section.

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