Creating a great website with speaking pictures

Websites are a great platform for showcasing your business. The success of a business and the number of clients you get are dependent on the quality of website you have. You can have a lot of things that you can embed on the website. You can use various tools to make it look more polished and user-friendly.

There is one thing that you can use, to make your website look more attractive than ever before. That one thing is – using speaking images. Here is how you can use them on your website.

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Speaking pictures as testimonial: You go through a lot of websites and so many other things added onto them, they cease to attract the users. But what if you add a speaking picture on your website which speaks as and when you scroll through the website? Well, that would just make your website look far more interactive. Remember, no matter how well you polish the 2d images; they can’t really make up for the 3d ones. Similarly, no matter how well you put up the image, it can never have equal stuff like speaking picture.

Speaking Pictures of the Product: Speaking pictures can talk about your products and services. It can talk about your products and services. It would just make things look so better. It would make things look better and help your prospect to interact with your products and services better.

Message from the owner: Another thing that can make things looks better. Imagine an image and a small recording of the owner welcoming the prospect to the website. Once they get onto the website and hear the message, it would give them a special feel – the one of bonding. Customers hate to be classified as numbers, and this would be a great way to tell them how much you appreciate their trust in your business and services.

Speaking Customer Service: Giving your customers a platform to send you a speaking picture and then respond with a speaking picture is a great idea. Speaking pictures gives you the best of the experience. And a speaking reply will delight your customers.

Speaking Menus: There is an untapped segment, which is – the disabled people. Most websites have words but no sounds, what if your menus could speak what they hold for, that would be exceptional isn’t it? That’s why speaking menus are the future of accessible websites.

Speaking pictures can greatly enhance user experience. If you are not familiar with the concept then you can get the Voxweb app which is available for free download on both apple and android smartphones for free of cost.

Using it is free too, and you can freely share it with your friends or anyone else in your contact list. Voxweb also has their own social media platform called life, where you can watch many other audio pictures like yours and get more idea of how the way it works.

Voxweb is revolutionizing the way as we know pictures, and it is the right time to integrate speaking pictures to your website.

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