Google’s 64 Bit Chrome Browser for Windows is available in Beta

The Chrome team seems quite eager to publicize the new addition of 64 bit beta version for the users of Windows 7 and Windows 8. This 64 bit version for Windows in Beta is more reliable and makes complete use of recent computing power to tighten security as well as to speed up the rendering of web pages. This version proves to be a stable one. The recent version replaces the existing one while creating a back up for all your bookmarks and settings, so you are saved from the hassle of uninstalling the older version of Chrome. However, the 64 bit version is still in its Beta stage which implies that there may be possibilities of some errors in the software as well as certain characteristics not performing up to the mark. The Beta stage is generally the final stage that most of the software programs go through before an official launch.

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As compared to the 32 bit counterpart version of the 64 bit Chrome browser, this 64 bit version is believed to be speedier. The multimedia content and graphics are mesmerizing and are even secure as it has the capability to control new OS features like High Entropy ASLR on Windows 8. Not just this, there are various other features of the 64 bit beta version of Chrome browser for you to explore. Given below is a list of some other features of the latest development i.e. the Google’s 64 bit Chrome Browser for Windows in Beta.


The 64 bit version enables Google to take benefit of the latest compiler optimizations and processor. This provides a calling convention and an up to date set of instructions that enables more functionality to be passed speedily by the registers. As an outcome of this, there is improved speed especially for multimedia content and graphics that results in almost 25% increase in performance.


The Chrome browser will now be able to take benefit of the latest OS characteristics like High Entropy ASLR on Windows 8. This will lead to improved security on the 64 bit versions also. These additional bits provides a shield against the exploitation techniques like JIT spraying and also helps in improving the effectiveness of the ongoing security defense characteristics such as heap partitioning.


Google has witnessed an eventual increase in the stability for 64 bit Chrome in comparison to the 32 bit Chrome counterpart. Especially, the crashing down rates for the renderer process i.e. the web content process is reduced to almost half than before.

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 Wrap Up

Google hopes that the enthusiastic users and developers in particular will appreciate the possibility of a 64-bit version of the browser and provide constructive feedback to Chrome team that will eventually debug the product and bring it into the channels of Beta and Stable.

Interestingly, Mozilla began much earlier for the creation of a 64-bit version of your open browser Firefox, but in 2012 decided to discontinue the development, testing, and publishing Nightly-builds of Firefox and focus efforts on the development of 32-bit versions. As the cause of the termination of work was identified incompatibility with many additions.

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