Google Unveils a New Keyboard app for android 4.0 (ICS) and up

Google always does something special as we expect from it. Now this time google has decided to avail keyboard app for android. There are many popular keyboard apps available in the market which are paid (Swiftkey, FlexT9 etc.) but Google launched its best keyboard app free of cost, so It can eradicate other keyboard apps.

The application is pre-installed in the stock Android devices such Nexus phones and tablets. Google Keyboard app includes a full range of input features found in the current Android 4.2 phones on the Nexus, but now you can install it on any Android device through Google Play.

If You want to gain google nexus experience without having It, then go to the Google play Store and download keyboard app. Google released keyboard app for Android users but it must have at least android versions 4.0 (ice cream sandwich) or above. Google nexus creates an impression on its users due to its unique and advanced features and gesture keyboard is also one of them.

This Application doesn’t need high speed internet as Wi-Fi and 3G because application size is not much and can be downloaded through 2G connection also.

Why this keyboard app is special

It’s a gesture keyboard app which predicts words and rectifies errors. It contains dictionaries which supports twenty six languages to make word prediction easier and reduces typing time consumption, So a message can be typed with good vocabulary without any error.

With this keyboard app, letters can be typed smoothly and continuously without lifting the fingers (known as gliding typing style). In this technology when your word finishes then you’ll have to lift your finger from the keyboard to type the next word.

If you have got tired because of excessive typing, the microphone function is also available on the keyboard which detects the voice to create a message and its voice detecting system is better than other apps which lets you quality typed messages with accuracy.

The keyboard is available in English countries only so can’t be possible to use in India right now. So you will have to wait for a while.

After the first installation, you will see a short introductory tutorial that shows how to enable the application and use gestures when printing. In addition, it is almost identical to the drain keyboard – quickly, accurately and fairly stylized design. The only changes from the old Android keyboard can be found in the settings panel. The new application has several options, including different levels of auto-correction, personal dictionary and additional parameters.

Going on Google Play will allow Google to update the keyboard without issuing an updated OS, they did the same thing and with key applications such as “Maps” and Gmail. Google is also expanding its capabilities for application updates Android phones without changing the underlying OS.

Click on the link below to download a new keyboard Google, and let us know what you think about it in the comments. If you have a device Nexus, then you should get an update notification in the “My Applications”.

Keyboard Features

• Gesture Typing
• Voice Typing
• Word Prediction System
• 26 Languages Dictionaries
• Advanced Technology Based App
• Works with all android devices (Android 4.0 and above version)

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