Google Launches Balloon Based Internet in New Zealand will be expanding soon

Google launches the most awaited project “Project Loon” after Google Glass.

Do you want to surf the Internet at every corner of the world ? If yes then be ready for this because Google has started to work on an Internet project through balloons, which name is-“project Loon”.

Next time you see a balloon flying in the air don’t be surprised because Google is launching balloon based internet services to help people surf the internet all over the world.

Google launched 30 helium-filled balloons in the air in Christ Church of New Zealand on Saturday as a trial. Antennas were fitted on the balloons which were connected to base station. Users will have to attach a special Google antennae to their computer to get signals from a balloon. A balloon can provide internet to a 40 kilometer diameter area with speed equivalent to a 3G connection.


The people used internet successfully to get signals from balloons in their houses. Google planned to create a ring of balloons around the earth so that the people could get internet in rural and remote areas.

Why need It

Internet may be possible with the help of this technique, where the communication system has been destroyed due to natural disaster. Google chose New Zealand remote areas for Its first experiment because some church residents were distracted from internet connections for a long time due to the earthquake of 2011 so this balloon technique will be the best and help to get connected every time during such a natural disaster . Except this, It will help to provide connectivity of 3G speed at cheap cost in poverty and remote areas.


Future Plans

Google scientists developed this technology who have been working on this project since 2011. It was the team who brought Google glass and driver-less car. According to project loon, they have planned to float balloons in the air which could stay over hundred days in the sky. Next experiment will be in Australia next year.

Google didn’t explain about the cost of the pilot project and how much customers will be charged for using the services. The people are curious to know, how many balloons will be used to provide Internet Connection to the whole world and how long time It’ll take to complete this project.
If this technology got succeeded, users will be tension free from expensive Internet like broadband, WI-max and fiber optic cable.
In the future, with a quick succession of balloon Internet, Google can work in communication field also and you’ll have Google network in your cell phones.

Why Google breaks the tradition?

My answer to the question “Why Google breaks the tradition and launches balls into the air?” it is even simpler: because Google is absolutely brilliant company! It’s not only doing for its income sources, It is the dream of Larry Page (CEO of Google) to provide internet to every home of the world. Actually, everyone is waiting for this service now even me too.

If you find Google’s step productive, then share your ideas here in comment section. Waiting for reviews eagerly.

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