Google For Kids Is On Its Way

According to the sources, Google is planning to launch its services especially for Kids. The kids under 13 years old will be able to use it in the safe way. The rumor is trending in the market that Google for Kids version will be loved by the parents because they will have absolute control over their kids through these latest features. Here, below we will discuss on this topic in detail.

Kids and Technology

There is big connection between kids and technology. We all know very well that a 7 year old kid understands about the technology better than a 40 years old person. Everything has become digitized in this modern era, and we and our kids stay in touch with all digital products. Although, we don’t get enough time for them in this busy life, which they spend with media and technology. We know that new technology helps them to develop socially and emotionally, but it is necessary to know what are they doing and of course, need to track their life too. They have been addictive to technology and don’t like to interact with real world.

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Google for kids – Expected new Google service for kids

The search leader, Google is thinking to start its services like Gmail, G drive, YouTube etc. that would officially allow the children under 13 years old to sign-up. As of now, such services never have been started for the kids under 13 years and now thus Google is going to set up a new system including a dash board, where the parents would be able to watch all the activities of their kids. This is also supposed that Google will make a pack of tools for children such as “child-safe version of youtube”.

The reports are clearly indicating that Google has opened its doors for pre-teens to preserve their privacy and the organization is working to ensure that new service will comply with COPPA (Child Online Privacy protection Act ).

 Reason for launching the new service for kids

Some following points might be the reasons for launch the of “Google for Kids”

  1. Some parents create the Google account for their kids and want comply with COPPA.
  2. The School students have purchased cheap Chromebooks for their study purpose which is the gadget of Google.

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Finally, Google decided to start its services including Gmail, YouTube and G drive for Kids. This step will be named as “Child Safe” version of Google. According to Google, the account includes a dashboard for the parents, which will be very helpful for the guardians to track the regular internet activity of their kids. The parents will easily able to control the browsing habits of their kids. Google has not declared any detail of privacy settings of the new feature but something will be different while creating account for “Child Safe” Google account. This step may affect the users to tell the age while signing up of Google services.

I am sure that Internet giant ‘Google’ thought to expand its user base so such as huge opportunity for pre-teens since they could get the technology in young age and enhance their skills. I do agree with Google’s epic step which is kid friendly and of course help the parents too. It would be good when the kids will use technology in proper way to grow up their creativity and thinking capabilities.

So, now the Kids do not need to give fake DOB while creating the account. I think all the parents would love this news from Google and their tensions about the kids will be low. The kids will be really very happy to get this awesome feature from Google. If you find this news some useful, then please express your views with us through commenting.

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