Google’s Camera App: A New Android App Comes to Playstore

Google made available a new advanced camera app for all android Smartphone and tablets running Android 4.4 Kitkat and above. Google is planning to make it available for more gadgets in upcoming months. The standalone camera app is available absolutely free on Play Store. The app lets users to capture pictures and videos including shooting mode features like Panorama, Photo sphere and Lens Blur.

The Google Camera app allows users to shoot through SLR camera option, in which the users can capture the photos with shallow depth of field or bokeh effect through Lens Blur mode. Carlos Hernandez, a software engineer at Google explained, “Achieving this optical effect has required a big lens and aperture, and therefore has not been using the camera on your mobile phone or tablet. All gigantic progressions with Lens Blur, a new mode in the Google Camera app.”

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Look at the aspect ratio of the screen of your smartphone. This is a 16: 9. Look at the aspect ratio of the photo. This is 4: 3. How to fit more “square” image in Widescreen? Previously, the problem was solved by the fact that the picture was cut top and bottom – we could not see the items that fall into these areas of the image. at the end, turned out to be in the frame pieces that should not be there. We instinctively photograph so that at the boundaries of the screen was not too much, but after the creation of the final image at the top and bottom of the inevitably turn out something “left.” These photos had to be cut, and they were prepared similar to the standard screenshots 16: 9 widescreen movie that did not add them to beauty.

Now the problem is solved once and for quite strictly. This is a huge button on a black background gives the active part of the screen are the same proportion of the photo – 4: 3. The picture will be absolutely identical to what goes into this screen. Boundaries are observed pixel by pixel. It’s fine.

The panorama mode has been more enhanced as It can capture high resolution shots with full width and detail of a scene.

The application has additional feature of changing the focus after taking the photograph, and the feature has been added by Nokia and Samsung also in their camera apps.

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Google Camera Effects-spiderorbit

The Photo Sphere feature that was restricted in recently launched Nexus 5 has been added in this camera app. It allows users to click 360 degree views too and comprises of different images which are stitched together and results in large size image.

In addition to Lens Blur mode, the app includes a big viewfinder for capturing shots in maximum resolution from the sensor along with an extra large capture button. Through swiping left to right on the screen, different picture mode can be accessed simply.

Here some hitch can be seen in the app which makes it little constrained. The app does not have a few controls for granular setting like ISO, sharpness, saturation, lighting, contrast and others. It does alerts the users to switch to landscape mode while shooting in portrait mode.

In fact, users may notice the increased smoothness and speed of the camera. Fine-tuning is definitely a frustrating loss of some manual settings, but for the people who used to trust the built-in algorithms to optimize the camera, it does not matter.

The camera is available in Google Play and requires Android version 4.4+.

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