How to Get the Real Start Menu and Button Back in Windows 8

People who are using Windows 8 must be aware of the fact that it does not contain a start menu. Getting a start menu Windows 8 is not a tough task. With increasing number of people insisting for this missing characteristic in Windows 8 now there are numerous applications available that can be a perfect solution for you.

Some of the applications are new including exciting features and user interface while others are a bit similar to Windows 7 start menu. All the available options enable the user to bypass the start menu and directly boot to the desktop. Given below is a list of such applications that will help you to bring back Windows8 start menu icons.

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The first alternative is to put start menu of Windows 7 in Windows 8. It gives easy user interface and you do not have to face any problem while using it. You will launch and pin programs within no time. ViStart immediately gains major black marks while it tries to compel the browser and toolbars as a part of the setup procedure. If you are capable of managing the program, it will work wonders.

ViStart boots you directly to the desktop skipping the start screen. You will be able to disable the preferred hot corners of Windows 8 and the interface is user friendly. You can easily select the start button; decide the links, menu style and a lot more.

Start Menu 8


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Another alternative is also similar to Windows 7 start menu. It contains all the elements of the interface that you expect. You can quickly access your programs and pin applications the same way you can do in Windows 7. The main difference that you will encounter in Start Menu 8 is a slight nod to the Windows 8. You can click on the Metro Apps menu to access all the applications from the Windows Store onto your PC. This enables the user to flawlessly launch these applications directly from the desktop. However, you cannot pin recent apps to the start menu. Start Menu 8 is tremendously customizable. You can choose from variety of themes, change the style of start button, and can even change the size and font of the menu.

Classic Shell

This program offers you a lot more than just a start menu. The menu provided by Classic Shell is close enough to the windows 7 menu provided by the earlier mentioned programs. All the buttons and links are present in it. The only point of difference that arises is that you have to drag apps to the start menu from the program menu in place of right clicking on them. Classic start button will be additional option.

Just like Start Menu 8, the classic 8 start menu gives you a second menu to make use of the Windows Store apps. It even enables the user to pin these applications to the menu. This is a very useful feature and this is not all with what this program offers. There are a lot more things that the program offers. It contains a detailed page for settings that enables the user to alter every aspect of the menu to fit their preferences. It enables the user to tweak the Internet Explorer 9 and File Explorer to make the user interface even more convenient.


After installing StartW8, you can experience the Windows 8 style start button rather than the general one. However, after clicking on it everything else in it is quite similar: like the search box, shutdown menu, common system folders, all programs, recently launched programs and many more. There are other useful tools too including the capability of switching automatically to the desktop after signing in and overlook the hot button corner in the lower level.

Download StartMenu8 (free)

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