Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note4 Vs Apple iPhone 6: The Comparison Amongst Big Brands

Samsung and Apple are the major mobile brands which have revolutionized the original forms of mobiles that only used to be limited within the plain calling and texting mechanisms. With the introduction of phones from these two major brands, the smart phone usage has taken swerves in the field of telecommunication.

With every new version that is being launched by these mobile giants, the expectations are gaining new heights. Smart phone users are getting more interested in the upcoming versions of the phones anticipating that the latest version might have more advanced features. The latest launch from Samsung Galaxy S-series was the S5 which brought in several speculations for its succeeding version. The release of Galaxy Note 4 is also in the pipeline which is waited eagerly. The brand value of Apple is already in the top notch. Therefore, people are even looking forward to the latest version of Apple iPhone, which will be the sixth iPhone version.


Following are few comparisons and anticipations that ardent smart phone users and technical phone analysts are looking forward in the successive versions of the above phones.

A Better Body:

According to trending rumours the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a rubberised aluminium body which will portray a sheer elegance in its look and feel. Notes on the other hand are always built with a metal body and a more durable material. The Apple iPhone 6 on the other hand will have that metal body combined with more sturdy features for a robust feeling.

Bigger Displays:

Big displays are in much demand after Samsung started laying games with the display sizes. The S6 will come with a display size of 5.5” and Note 4 will have display size of 5.7”. With such a huge display section, Samsung will soon take up the tag of being “phablets” rather than just phones or just tablets. Apple, on the flip side has always been petite in structure and appearance. Apple iPhone 6 will come with a display screen of 4.5” which was always limited to 4” till now.

Apple iPhone 6-spiderorbit

Operating System:

The OS is the first and foremost feature of any smart phone. As Android has revolutionized the phone OS market with its loads of applications and features, new introductions are being made with successive Android versions. Galaxy S6 will come with an Android version greater than 5.0 or might even come up with its own OS, Tizen. However such anticipation is still under clouds. The Note 4 will come with an Android version 5.0. The same for Apple has always been slightly different with its own operating systems. This time, iOS version 8 will be introduced.

Camera Features:

Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with a high resolution camera having 21MP in the primary and 4-7MP in the secondary area. The same for Note 4 will be quite similar. The primary camera will be of 20MP and secondary of 3MP. iPhone 6 will however have an 8MP camera with HD-slow motion video recording facility and VCMOIS actuator module to adjust for the blurs that might appear if the picture is taken in motion.

CPU Value:

The CPU of all three phones is anticipated to be of 64-bit. While Samsung never had any phone with 64-bit processor, it might be introduced either with Note 4 or S6. CPU for Apple will stick to 64-bit like the previous version.

These are few of the prognostications and rumours that are in the news before the launch of these phones. There is still a long time to go for these phones to come into the market.


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