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Prateek Shukla became the second youngest author, at the age of 18, to pen a book on ethical hacking after Ankit Fadia. His book was published by Unicorn books and was released in the beginning of 2013. He is a Gold Medallist in National Informatics Olympiad. He also runs an Ethical Hacking blog which is followed by more than 5,000 fans. The bug of writing has always been there and this book is a manifestation of it.

The book derives its foreword from the chairman of Birla Tyres, Mrs Manjushree Khaitan. The same also gained recognition from Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla for the authors’ endless keenness and commitment towards the motive of helping the new-comers in the field.

Prateek Shukla’s book “The Unrevealed Secrets of Hacking & Cracking”, co-authored by Navneet Mehra, deals with the topic of ethical hacking and which tools are used when testing the methodologies of hacking. It elaborates and goes deep into the discussion of the role of an ethical hacker while protecting the corporate and government data against any form of cybercrime. The other topic that are included in this book are the explanations of IT security, data security, etc., that help in understanding the best ways for protecting data and the computer networks.



The book has simplified language so that even the non-IT people and the people who are concerned with their network and data security, can use the knowledge and secure their data and computer network on both personal and professional level.

The book is an attempt to provide basic knowledge to those who were not capable of affording costly Certification courses in the field of computers and hacking. It was this factor and his love for writing that made him write this book at such a young age.

In interview with the Readers Cosmos, Prateek has recounted his journey in the publishing world and said, “The journey of getting my book published was very interesting and I got to learn many things too. To be very honest, I didn’t face any kind of difficulty because of my idol cum co-author Navneet Sir who was always there for me whenever I needed him. He just played the role of an elder brother. I just can’t believe that a person like him also exists on this planet. If I am something, it’s just because of him.”

Navneet Mehra, the co-author of the book, is a young IT professional, who has a significant experience in the field of Computer and Internet security. He has served clients ranging from Russia, India, US, and UK. He has also been an author of five books prior to this, including Hackers Beware: A Guide to Protect Your PC.

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