How to Fix USB Device not Recognized Issue with USB Fix It: Free Download for PC

USB error is a common issue nowadays as we use external devices excessively, but now do not need to fear of it, because we are going to tell you permanent solution here below in the post.

The modern age is highly powered by technology and everyone loves to use devices which we need to connect to PC via USB. For instance, If we need to transfer some data from a PC to another PC, USB flash drive is required for this. And, sometimes we need to connect printer, mobile etc. to PC, but while ejecting the USB devices, it shows error ‘USB can’t be ejected currently‘. It happens often while ejecting devices from the system, however we do this again but it displays dialog box with the same message “USB Can’t be ejected or USB device attached to this computer has malfunctioned”.

And, then we have no choice and remove the USB device without doing safely remove hardware which increases the possibility of your data being corrupted. Microsoft considered these all issues on top and launched a tool – USB Fix It. The USB Fix It tool is capable to solve all the problems regarding to USB on your systems and external devices.

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USB Errors Issues which can fixed using this tool :

  1. USB device is not recognized
  2. USB Printer is not printing
  3. USB storage devices can not be removed through ‘Safely Remove’ option.
  4. USB driver for the device can not be installed.
  5. Unrecognized USB device error

The main reason for not getting recognized USB is that both lower and uppers filters used in registry are corrupt. In the printer case, If USB printer is not printing, that means unplugging the USB printer got failed.

The utility offers two troubleshooting modes. The first is detect the issues and apply the fixes (It automatically searches the issues and solve them without asking you to do anything.) and second one is detect the problem and let me choose the fixes to apply. It also searches the problem in computer along with USB devices. There is full freedom to choose which option you want to apply.

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How to Troubleshoot & Solve Windows USB device issues.

Before using this USB Fix It, just follow these simple instructions.

  1. Restart your PC.
  2. Scan your PC for malware.


How to Diagnose and Remove USB errors with Microsoft USB Fix It

  1. First download Microsoft Fix It utility on your PC following below links.

Windows 8, 81 : USB Hotfix (

Windows 7, Vista & XP : USB Fix It utility

  1. After downloading the tool, Run it and press accept.
  2. Select “Detection Problem and apply the fixes for me (Recommended)”
  3. Let the Windows troubleshooter to fix USB problems and press Next.
  4. if your problem is resolved now, then close the tool and check your USB device.

System Requirements for Usb Fix It Utility:

Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP for all 32 & 64 Bit versions

Hard Drive: 2 MB

How To Download USB Fix It tool on your PC (Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP) Free:

This is not big task even a novice also can download and use it on his system. Just click on the following button.

USB Fix It tool download-spiderorbit

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