The Fastest Windows Video Converter in the Market

Movavi Video Converter for Windows will allow you to convert any video to the desired format within minutes. The ultimate high speed converters in the market are nearly 31 times slower than the Movavi video converter. Creative youngsters love to play with audio and video files remixing them as their mind prompts. But, the task was tedious and time consuming earlier. If customers want to convert a video shot in a camera into a Smartphone or upload it directly to a social networking site, numerous conversions had to be done.

Tedious tasks using sophisticated interfaces in various converters sucked the fun of the process. Now anybody can do such tasks with the Movavi video converter. The interface of the software is suitable to be understood by any person. Here is a list of a few key Movavi video converter features.

1. Movavi allows the users to convert videos available in 180 formats, into Smartphone and tablet compatible formats.

2. The users can just select the name of their Smartphone or tablet instead of taking the efforts to format the video themselves. The in-built preset will do the conversion automatically.

3. Audio files can be preserved to the best of their quality. Several audio tracks for one file can be created with varying volumes, sizes and remixes.

4. Images can be transformed into GIF animations, rotated, trimmed and edited in numerous other ways. Easy slide shows can be created. They can be merged with videos and other simple graphics.


5. Transferring the videos from the PC into social media websites is easier than ever. The conversion takes place in minutes. Be it an audio remix or an edited video, the files can be converted into the formats compatible with various social media sites without losing its originality and graphic enhancements.

6. The quality of the video can be highly improved using the auto filters, sound adjustments and the color adjustment options. They can be trimmed at any place and mixed with other clippings all within a few minutes. Impressive hilarious videos with suitable graphics can be prepared in the time of drinking a tea without taking any special course.

7. Installing the Movavi video converter for Windows in your system allows you to see nearly 40 formats of videos in the computer. No other converter in the market gives you the option to watch videos in so many formats.

8. The video files can be easily converted into DVD supported MPG format just by clicking a button.

9. The onscreen activities performed in the computer like Skype calls can be recorded and transferred to the mobile devices.

10. Exclusive Movavi video converter suite allows professionals to add 2D and 3D graphics to normal videos.

Several people shoot videos. They try to share it with others through their mobile or social network groups. But, they get frustrated when numerous compatibility issues keep arising. Now they can convert video without any issue, faster than ever using the Movavi video converter for Windows. People all around the world use using this converter every day proving its professional trustworthiness.

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