Facebook Messenger Offering Free Voice Calling in India for Android

Now Facebook users in India can make free voice calls through Facebook Messenger.

While It is becoming a trend news now a days that VOIP calling feature is going to be available on WhatsApp, Facebook has quietly launched “voice calling feature” for Android users in India. Facebook has proclaimed about the launching of Voice calling feature over 3G network and Wi-Fi network in March 2013 and now finally launched here and took almost a year to be available in India.

The Facebook initially started this feature for iOS users in US and Canada in January 2013. According to the company, the service is available on both Android and IOS platform now.

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How to make calls using Facebook Messenger?

Now, the question comes here that how to make calls through Facebook Messenger? To use this service, the user needs to select a conversion thread with a friend, then tap 3 dot menu overflow icon on the upper right corner. You will get there ‘Free Call’ in the drop down menu.

If we talk about its User Interface, the company has made quite simple UI so that everyone could use it without reading instructions. It shows contact’s cover image in the background and profile photo at the center. The call time can be seen on the upper left corner. The users will get touch icons like speaker and mute on the lower side of the screen including all calling options.

The calls can be made only between users who have the installed Facebook App and It will not work with a web version of Facebook.

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“Our goals with this program are to expand our pool of testers and gain feedback across a more diverse set of devices,” Facebook engineer Luiz Scheidegger wrote in a blog post. “Simply by using the app and reporting the issues, beta testers will be able to help us improve performance and the overall experience on a wide variety of Android devices at scale.”

“The Facebook for Android beta program [launched in July 2013] has already helped us improve the quality and overall experience of the main Facebook app on Android,” Scheidegger said.

Before describing here, first we checked this calling feature and found nice voice quality. Facebook has given another good facility that app will ask to rate the call quality after calling. However, It is acknowledged that there is no free biscuit with tea, and the data will be counted as charges on making ‘Free Call’. If the “Free Call” option is grayed, then the persons cannot be called at the time. The company is planning to extend their Voice Calling feature in other countries too.

It will not be a big surprise for the users because the news was already leaked in the market, although the people were waiting for it eagerly. It will be progressive step from Facebook.

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