Exynos vs Snapdragon vs Nvidia Tegra : Review and Comparison of Processor

Mobile devices are constantly developing and becoming more powerful. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon was the last genx high-end SoCs that gained enormous success and appreciation.

However, with the advancement in technology the market witnessed introduction of new SoCs such as Tegra and Exynos that bought quad- core CPUs to your devices. They have taken the mobile gaming experience to an all new level. All these three processors have become the mainstream that can influence your purchase decision.

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Exynos processor

Samsung has recently launched the quad- core Exynos processor that is expected to power the Galaxy devices flagship. The Exynos quad- core processor integrates LTE Modem-AP along with sophisticated 4G LTE connectivity. The processor makes the use of an inbuilt 28nm HKMG process. It even supports different mobile network standards inclusive of LTE enabling better connections to the device. In addition it provides quicker multitasking. The devices powered by Exynos processor features superior Image Signal processing and are able to record high resolution videos. It also features high quality graphics without buffering. This processor incorporates Exynos RF chip that extends flawless connections and providing a higher speed for data transfer.

Snapdragon processor

Snapdragon processors provide a high level experience to the users. Snapdragon processor features superior connectivity, mesmerizing graphics, multitasking, efficient and powerful processing. The super fast 4G LTE connections enables fast downloads, uploads, flawless music streaming and videos. Snapdragon even provides support for latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.

The inbuilt customized CPU is developed and designed in such a way that it can perform the difficult tasks as well. It enables highest efficiency and thus resulting in smart power use. The mesmerizing graphics enables the user to capture high- quality HD videos and images. The snapdragon processors provide high- quality camera, graphics, audio, videos and a lot more. We will update you soon  with latest snapdragon 800 processor in our next post.

Nvidia Tegra  processor

Tegra mobile processors provide a smooth web browsing platform to the user that is almost two times faster in comparison to the other processors. It consists of an inbuilt ARM Cortex- A9 which is the first out-of-order execution mobile CPU that provides higher efficiency and better user interface. It features multitasking and high quality gaming experience. It extends the greatest battery saving technology in comparison to any other processor.

It also provides an interface for HD videos and superior quality graphics. The ultra low power GeForce GPU is designed for low-power apps. The ultra low power GeForce GPU extends remarkable game play and a visually indulging user interface that is highly responsive. It provides a HD resolution of 1080p for recording videos. They provide support for large number of formats and codecs, executing great compatibility with the already existing data and banishing the need for transcoding. The company has brought out several versions of Tegra processor such as Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and Nvidia Tegra 4 processor.


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All of the three processors mentioned above are almost similar to one another. All of them provides similar memory interface to the user. However, Tegra manages to stand out from the queue. Tegra provides highly efficient and powerful performance followed by Snapdragon and then Exynos. If we compare these processors in terms of GPU then Tegra is the best as it makes use of a GPU that enables superior gaming experience. Tegra features the best graphics among the three and is no doubt the best processor among all.

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