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The days when people could to watch TV, just sitting on the couch in the living room. Today’s technology allows to be a part of home with your favorite TV series and shows. You can buy a mobile phone with built-in tuner, an analog television signal, but you can use a regular smartphone or tablet with support for streaming video and high-speed Internet connection. The latter method we take a closer look.

Mobile internet TV allows owners of smartphones and tablets to watch TV shows and movies online. To broadcast a video, GPRS / EDGE, 3G, 4G (WiMAX) or Wi-Fi connection can be used on mobile device.

Mobile TV from cellular providers

Today, many operators offer mobile TV services. Conditions and prices can vary widely for these services. There are several major operators in the world such as Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, MTS and Megafon. Terms of use are similar: the user pays a daily subscription fee for a subscription to the software package, and the fee for the traffic is not charged. To view the TV content you need to activate the service, download and install a special free app.

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 live TV on mobile-spiderorbit

Programs for mobile TV

Watch TV on your smartphone or tablet using a special application SPB TV or a similar program. To use them, you need fast internet connection such as 3G, WiMAX (4G), Wi-Fi.

So, SPB TV allows you to view more than 200 free and pay-TV channels from more than twenty countries around the world. Search and browse TV channels is simple and intuitive thanks to the user-friendly interface, fast switching channels in the “picture in picture” and the built-in program guide. Watch TV “online” as possible on mobile devices, as well as on the computer. It is compatible with the multiple operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry, webOS, Maemo and Bada. There is a version for the Mac OS, as well as the release of SPB TV for Windows 8 and earlier versions.


Turn the phone into the TV can also free app TV To Go. You will get more than 40 channels, most of which view – free of charge; some – a subscription fee. The application does not work on all phones. Find out if the device in the list of supported can be downloading the program.

UK IPTV is an application for online watching popular UK & worldwide TV channels on your smartphone or tablet. It Works with mobile devices on iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X. The app is absolutely free to download . Subscribe for pay channels is done by sending an SMS.

The above applications – are not the only programs that can give joy to watch TV away from home. In the AppStore, Android-Market and other stores you can find other offers – many of available for free download. But, anyway, the user has to pay for internet traffic. With 3G-connected connection costs can be quite high. The most convenient option for watching online TV – is the ability to connect to the free Wi-Fi.


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India’s Public Broadcaster ‘Prasar Bharti’ May Launch Live TV on Smartphone Soon

Prasar Bharti is about to bring television channels on your mobile phones. India’s public broadcaster has decided to avail T.V on mobiles free of cost. Digital Video broadcasting –terrestrial (DVB-T) technology makes possible to provide television channels on phones with High Definition quality and buffering less. This technology is limited to video enabled Smartphones. This technology will transmit the signal in an area of 90 kilometers.

Prasar Bharti will broadcast 8-10 channels initially at 40 locations comprising the metros and other states in India and it will broadcast more channels at 630 locations over the next three years. The broadcaster availed only three channels on mobile in Pitampura, Delhi but it did not get a good response from the viewers. Now Prasar Bharti is trying to make contract with private channel like Sony, Star Plus, Colors to broadcast their programs on mobile T.V. A transmitter was installed by Prasar Bharti in Akashwani Bhawan ,Parliament Street for this project only on DVB-H enabled mobile phones in a coverage area of 10 kilometers.

Mobile T.V- Spiderorbit

Mobile T.V- Spiderorbit

You will have to buy an antenna for your mobile to watch T.V. Which cost is about Rs.100-150. A dongle costs Rs. 500 is also available in the market to watch T.V on computers. The DVB-H enabled mobile handsets are also available in the market. Mobile T.V can be seen In DVB-H enabled handsets without any antenna.

The best thing about this service is that there would be no buffering and the picture quality would be HD .It would be a great and unique experience watching T.V on your Smartphone while travelling anywhere in the coverage area. It may attract people towards mobile T.V and the number of home T.V viewers would decrease also. Mobile T.V will emerge as a rival of home T.V.

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