How to Easily Detect & Delete Identical Images on Your Computer

Duplicate files prove to be one of the biggest factors that cause a lot of performance issues on your device. It occupies valuable space on your system, consumes device resources and affects system performance negatively. Duplicate images share the largest part in this digital junk that accumulates over time in different forms. It is possible when you download the same image multiple times, share & download images using different apps, download the same image when taking data backup etc. If you have a lot of these files downloaded on your device and worried about how to deal with then we are here to help you. In this article, we have reviewed the top 5 duplicate image remover tools to help you de-duplicate your photo collection on Windows.

Top 5 Duplicate Image Remover Tools

Duplicate Photos Fixer

Use this smart duplicate photo management software to de-duplicate your entire photo collection on Windows. Is matching algorithms help you find both similar and exact match files on your system. After finishing the scan process, it will furnish scan results in an auto-mark format where it automatically marks all poor-quality files to be deleted. In addition to cleaning internal storage, it also supports de-duplicating external devices. This smart solution works effortlessly with multiple devices including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. You can use this powerful tool to recover abundant disk space in a jiffy.

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DoubleKiller works extensively to help you de-duplicate your Windows storage. This fast and easy duplicate file remover tool helps you free up a lot of hard disk space to speed up your system performance. During the process, it scans directories, folders, complete drivers, or whole system storage and network. It offers combinable comparison criteria to match files based on same name, date, size or content. It allows you to exclude files from scanning process based on file name, file type, size or other attributes. Once the scanning process is completed, you can move duplicate files or another directory or simply delete them. You can even export the scan results to a text file. After scan process is completed, you can select files manually or automatically to delete them.

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VisiPics work on the simple and intuitive user interface to help you get rid of all types of duplicate files in an effortless manner. Here, you can select a specific folder or folders to scan or select specific pictures to de-duplicate. During the process, it applies five powerful photo comparison filters to help you refine your search and get accurate results. It works in the background and allows you to perform other tasks on the front end. While searching for duplicates, it detects files with different similarities like the same resolution, same format file, same content or files with minor cosmetic changes. After scan process is completed, it displays results in list format. Here, you will find all necessary information side-by-side including file name, file size, file type and more. It allows you to automatically select files for deletion using its auto-select mode. Here, you can keep files with higher resolution, smaller file size, space-saving file type or all the above. Alternatively, you can select files manually to delete.

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Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

 This smart tool works perfectly on multiple Windows versions. This free and comprehensive tool supports all major file formats to deliver instant and accurate results. It offers seamless user experience where it doesn’t contain adware, popups, spyware or other issues. During the scan process, it can find images with corrected colors, resized or other edited images. Here, you can select the files to scan or simply drag & drop them to scan area. It is a useful feature to save your time while searching for duplicate files on your Windows system.

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MindGems Fast Duplicate File Finder

You can use this tool to scan, find and remove duplicate files from user specified folders, hard disk, network or the entire system. It works on fast binary comparison algorithms to help you get effective results in no time. It supports cleaning of duplicate images, text files, music & audio files, videos, binary files and more. Once it completes scanning, it automatically marks all old similar files to delete. Here, you can move duplicate files to recycle bin, custom folder or delete them permanently.  It supports the cleaning of internal storage and removable media drives. Furthermore, you can process priority settings to let application scan the data in system’s idle time. In other options, it offers powerful filters, multi-language support, protection for system files and more.

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Conclusion: Using best duplicate image finder tools to find & delete duplicate images on your Windows system is the safest & easiest way possible. These tools work on smart algorithms to help your recover valuable disk space in an effortless manner. Furthermore, these tools work automatically to help you reduce manual efforts and save your time. Here, we have reviewed some of these tools in detail. If you have your own favorite tools, then feel free to comment below.

Metadata: One of the easiest & safest to find and delete identical images on your Windows system is to use best duplicate image cleaner tools. Let’s discuss some of these tools here.

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