Dr Sasiprabha enters the world of books with “My moonlit Pilgrimage”

Inspired by the social media and the social networking sites, Sasiprabha, a doctor who has completed her surgeoncy at Govt. Ayurveda College, Trivandrum, decided to pen her first novel “My moonlit Pilgrimage”. It is a story of a girl who goes on a quest to find the meaning of love and in her journey finds a boy. She losses her heart to him, and in retrospect it turns out to be a futile endeavour.

The novel is written as an autobiographical account and some of the narration leaps out of the book and it makes you think that you are reading the diary entry of a young girl. The transformation of her due to love and in the absence of love is represented in an exquisite manner.

She manages to portray the sentiment of love in new light and how does the pilgrimage of the young girl takes her through the less travelled roads of love and to know about love, you have to first unveil the layers of love and then of yourself, to realise that love is both sanity and insanity wrapped in one. The sanity and the insanity parts are the two sides of one coin. One can’t exist without the other and still survive.

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The story revolves around the metamorphism of this love in the young girl’s life and unfolds in Trivandrum. The city of Trivandrum is described aptly from author’s personal experiences. It also has some of the lesser known fact about the young educated individuals and how the need of today’s time has changed and the representation of the same.

Sasiprabha, with her story of love, manages to engage you and enthral you with her book. The book not only has fluid narration but also has poetry interwoven in with the description. During an interview, Sasiprabha said, “What predominates along the lines is love. But what exists in between the lines is the essence of life! “My Moonlit Pilgrimage” portrays the moments of a young girl who lived her love, in her own words. She is trying to find out the core and meaning of the paradox of love and along the way, life unfolds its divine meanings to her.”

Being a motivational speaker herself and working for the UNICEF programs, she has wrote about the problems the youth faces today and how love has become a cheap commodity instead of an eternal emotion. She has given a book about love without being clichéd. The book was published by Power Publishers and released in 2012.

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