How to Download Shazam for PC(Win 7/8/XP/Vista)

Shazam is a music recognition app, which has been popular amongst Smartphone users and now officially available for PC too.

The app helps user to recognize the name of songs very promptly. Sometime the people listen anonymous music in the parties and clubs, and want to download on their devices also, but can not find on the Internet because they don’t know the exact title of the song, so in that case Shazam helps to recognize the title of the song.

Shazam was exclusively launched for Mobile users first, but later unveiled for the PC geeks who all time stick with their PC and try to find what song is playing on FM. Now they wouldn’t need to ask the name of the song to their friends.

Why download Shazam for PC?

Shazam for PC offers a lot and unlimited services on PC instead of Smartphones. The user can do various activities within one app such as streaming music anytime, watching youtube videos and concerts, using social media features to make friends, sharing tags with friends, buy music from amazon MP3 and many more advanced features.

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In this technology era, Generally the people are stuck with their PC and can not bear mobiles in hands for a long time, so Shazam for PC will be more useful instead of using handset. Here we have described step by step installation procedure, that will help you to install Shazam app easily.

System Requirements for Installing Shazam App

1.It supports window 8, 7, Vista and XP.

2. Your computer or laptop should have minimum 2GB of RAM and game supportable graphics card.

How to Install Shazam on PC ?

If you are using window 8, then you can directly download Shazam for PC and do not need to use any emulator. On the other side, If the user want to run any android apps or games on window 7 PC, then need to download Bluestacks Emulator.

1. Download Bluestacks Emulator from the following link.

How to get installed Bluestacks app player on PC(Windows/Mac)

2. Once It installed, open the app and click on the app search button.

3. Now write Shazam in the search bar and start to find. There will be shown several similar apps but you have to click on Shazam only. Remember there will be only one free version of the app.


4. Now click on install button and it will take some time to be installed this app. When you see a message that Shazam has been installed on your PC, you can start using the app.


How to use Shazam on PC?

Using Shazem on PC is not really typical and it is almost similar as you use it on the other devices. First of all, you always need to turn on Bluestacks for using Shazam.

Find the icon in the center of desktop and play the song nearest to the system’s mic. In some moments, the app will display information of songs, including the title of the song, name of the singer, name of composer and more necessary information.

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