How to Download Microsoft Silverlight for Mac or Safari?

Before discussing this tutorial, let me explain just what Silver light is. Silverlight is browser based plug-in, works like Adobe flash player and developed by Microsoft. The tool allows users to run all internet mass media content as well as videos, animations, multimedia and graphics.

This is powerful plug-in powered by .NET framework and compatible with most browsers, multimedia devices and operating systems, enhancing the user experience on all web based works.

It is quite popular tool worldwide along with earlier known as Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere (WPF/E) and now has become very helpful for next gen developers and designers.

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Some of readers are questioning that why we need to use it while it works a lot similar to Adobe flash player. For your kind information, this is not just a rival; this is lot more than that (your traditional flash player). The software utility is truly very valuable and lets you listening audio and watching videos on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. We haven’t found any option to use Silver light on PC, but figured out that how to download and install Silver light on Mac.

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How to Install Silverlight on MAC?

You need to open the Microsoft Silverlight official Page, where it will check for the updated version of silver light, whether is installed on your Mac or not, and if not then it will suggest to install it. Right after look at the web site, it is advisable to agree with this guidelines, then will automatically begin installation.

Silverlight for Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox.
  • Click on “Extras” > “Add-Ons” > “Plug-Ins” > “Silverlight Plug-In”.
  • Activate the plug-in by simply hitting the “Activate” button.
  • Restart Mozilla Firefox.

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Top 10 Features of Microsoft Silverlight 5

IIS Smooth Streaming

This is one of the greatest features of Silverlight 5 which allows user to experience high definition streaming seamlessly on any device via HTTP protocol.


This is the latest feature added in Silverlight 5, which can manage a large amount of data at the given time. It helps the users to search the information from variety.

Text-Based Improvements

Silverlight 5 produces numerous improvements in text spacing and interline spacing for providing text clearity.

High Resolution Images and Frame Rates via Deep Zoom

Here, you will observe certainly one of most effective zooming technologies which never seen on the web. The feature will allow to enable high resolution pictures and frames at lowest loading time. It will be amazing for developers and designers to view thousand of items at the same time on the go.

Pixel Shader

It offers some effects like drop and blur shadow, that users could implement with loaded mass media content.

Improved Performance

All the silverlight 5 applications will support 64 bit browsers which is the biggest enhanced feature of it. Here, so many improvements have been done in Silverlight, which makes loading faster.

Simplified Skinning and Creating Graphics

Skinning and styling were issues for the designers but now have been resolved in Silverlight 5. The feature gives designers to create graphics and then customize the skins and controls.

Media Format Extensibility

Now it comes with the support of more extensions or codecs so you can easily decode all the audio and videos.

 Perspective 3D Graphics

I would say it major specification of Silverlight. It supports high quality 3D Graphics and offers opportunities to all the developers to use 3-D drawn controls, 3-D charts, data visualizers, scatter points, 3-D games and more.

Wrapping Up

Silverlight is amazing tool that works smoothly on Mac and other devices except iPad and windows mobiles. This is leverage with more enhanced features but we defined top 10 major features of it. Hope, Microsoft would be able to beat its competitors through Silverlight.

The tool works nicely with most of browsers and devices and bring all the contents at one place.

If you face any issues while using on Mac, then can leave comments here below, we will try to give you best solution.

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