Download Likeable – Photo Collage App for PC (Mac, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Touch)

The Photo Collage Apps had gain a royal popularity after the advent of Instagram and other applications. Now, you can make the photo collages without the help of photo artist using these applications. One of such fine applications is Likeable. It is one of the best responsive photo collage application that is used by iOS users in their I-devices.

This application is not available for direct download for Windows and Mac PC. You need to use iOS emulators to download it on your PC. Here is the guide to download Likeable app for PC. Before that, you must learn about some of its features and how to use it.

Features of Likeable App

These are some cool features of Likeable app:

  • Customizable layouts.
  • You can move the photos between two smart phones with ease.
  • You can unlock different themes for free.
  • It allows you to add text and style to single photo at a go.
  • You can apply different effects to every photo.
  • It also supports high resolution so that the photos printed look beautiful.

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Download Likeable App for Mac, PC (Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 Touch)

Likeable is only available for iOS platform officially. But still, you can download it using iOS emulator iPadian. Here is the procedure for downloading Likeable app on your Mac or Windows PC:

  • You must download and install iPadian Emulator on your Windows or Mac PC.
  • Run iPadian and search for Likeable app on your PC.
  • After you have found the App, you should install it over iPadian.
  • Once Likeable app had been downloaded and installed successfully, you can use it over your Mac or Windows PC.

How to Use Likeable App?

Once you have downloaded this app on your PC, you might be eager to use it on your PC. You can use it in following ways:

  • Open this application and click on ‘Add Photo’ button that will appear on left bottom of screen. You can choose the existing photo or you can take a photo, if you are having a camera device attached to your PC.
  • After you had chosen the photo, it will put the photo on screen. Now you have the option to upload the photo directly to Instagram or edit it by clicking ‘Edit Photo’ button left.
  • You can adjust the brightness, background color, apply light and other effects to the photo.
  • Once you have edited the photo, save it and now you can add it to Instagram by clicking ‘to Instagram’ button. You will be given the resolution options to choose from. Select the best resolution for your image. Now a pop displaying message ‘Open in Instagram’ will appear. Click it to open in Instagram.

This is how you can use the photo edited using Likeable app.

Final Words

Likeable is one of the best photos editing application for the iOS users and can be used to apply different effects and styles to the photo. You can adjust the resolution of photo and can maneuver the complete photo as per your needs. It allows you easy editing of the photos from your home screen. You just need to click the app and start editing the photo after selecting it. You must download Likeable app on your Mac or Windows PC.

Download Likeable – Photo Collage For iPhone And iPad here : Likeable – Photo Collage 

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