Difference between WhatsApp & WeChat : Which One is the Best

Both WhatsApp and WeChat are the most commonly used instant messaging apps that connect billions of people all over the world with their family and friends. Both the apps are similar to each other with single contact IM, group contact IM and basic core features in common. However, before we conclude which one is better let us look at some differences between the two apps.

Supported Operating Systems

Both WhatsApp and WeChat are accessible by the Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows and Nokia phone users. However, WeChat goes a step ahead with its feature called “WebChat” that enables the users to chat with family and friends through a PC by connecting their device to the PC with the help of a QR code. In addition to this, WeChat can be further accessed on Tablet PC’s whereas WhatsApp is limited to smartphones only.

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Social Features and Communication

Both WhatsApp and WeChat allow its users to send messages, video clips, audio clips, photos and name cards. The main difference between the two is that WeChat also supports live chat and video calls. In addition to this, WeChat offers a greater user limit for group chats i.e. the user limit in case of WeChat is 40 whereas it is restricted to 30 in case of WhatsApp. WeChat enables you to make friends randomly by using options such as ‘Drift Bottle’, ‘Shake’, and ‘Look Around’. It even enables you to share your photos and statuses publically with the help of ‘Moments’ option.

Privacy and Security

Both the apps require your mobile number for registration and both have the capability of scanning your contact list to verify which of your friends are using the same service. Both the apps enable you to change your privacy settings to make sure that your personal information is secure. WeChat offers a little more security as it needs your approval to add contacts before two people can begin chatting with each other. However, in case of WhatsApp anyone having your number can send you messages and see when you are online.

Data Usage and Connection

Sometimes it may happen that you are busy and do not wish to be interrupted in between. For those times, WeChat is the best option. WeChat enables you to log out of the service and save your messages for reading when you login once again. However, this is not the case with WhatsApp. In case of WhatsApp the only way for this is to turn off your internet connection. If we compare both the apps, WhatsApp uses 40 percent more data in comparison to WeChat.


If we compare both the apps in terms of the emoticons they offer, WeChat is undoubtedly a clear winner. WeChat offers a wide range of emoticons to its users. However, WhatsApp offers very less emoticons in comparison to WeChat.


However, WeChat overrules WhatsApp in all respects, but a huge percentage of smartphone users are using WhatsApp on their smartphones. WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps preferred by user over other apps, but you must also try WeChat once. I am sure you will definitely love this app.

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