DealGuru by Askmebazaar Review: Make your shopping easy and smarter

We always try to find a site which gives best offers and deals. We want to purchase everything on discounted price even on the cheapest cost. We don’t get enough time from our hectic schedule, so we prefer to online shopping but it should be affordable too. There are hundreds of E-commerce sites available in the digital world such as,,, and many more. All the sites are well established even launched their apps for Smartphones.

Now, we brought a new emerging option for you; DealGuru by AskMeBazaar. This is the best online shopping website that is offering every product at very affordable price and I am sure that there is no other site existing that seems like DealGuru by AskMeBazaar. DealGuru sells its all products on 50 to 80% off.

About DealGuru By AksMeBazaar:

DealGuru is online shopping site, introduced by AskMeBazaar. Both AskMeBazaar and DealGuru are different from each-other. AskMeBazzar is the site where the users can find the addresses of bars, hotels, mobile shops, Restaurants, spas and Petrol pumps whereas DealGuru is a segment of it where the sellers give you opportunity to grab the products at discounted price.

I can bet that you will not get any product such as jewelry, Fashion, gifts, garments for kids, Men & Women at such a lowest price anywhere. DealGuru gives best deals and offers to all the buyers.

I am sure that all have watched the TV Ad starring “Kangana Ranaut” and if you did not give attention, then type DealGuru on youtube and watch now.

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How Sellers and Buyers Get Profit through DealGuru?

DealGuru is not a manufacturer; it’s just an online shopping place where the sellers sell their products at lowest price. The DealGuru is one stop for all big manufactures who find the dealers to sell out their extra stocks at cheapest price. The wastage of good products would give them nothing so they sell out on DealGuru with best deal and offers.

But you do not need to think a bit about the product’s quality because DealGuru tests the product before making live on site.

Here a question comes in the mind that how the whole long procedure works here?

The product samples from the sellers are reviewed first and then made live on the site. DealGuru itself determines the price for the products. All the orders and delivery are handled by AskMe team. After it, AskMe makes confirmation calls to customer that the order was received. After this, AskMe transfers the product’s cost to the sellers after deducting the commission. If someone wants to exchange or return the product, then AskMe resolves all the related issues.

AskMeBazar Infrastructure

AskMeBazaar deals fairly with transparency that makes it winner. AskMeBazaar sells their products on DealGuru through content and pamphlet. DealGuru does not compromise with quality and offers only best products at affordable price. DealGuru delivers products on the doorsteps. It has more than 1000 sellers.

There are some features of DealGuru:

  • Lots of sellers are available for selling their products at discounted price.
  • The Products are listed according to age group.
  • Great collection of products like Shoes, bag, Kids wear, Men & Women garments, furniture and more.
  • Maximum discount on all products (50 to 80 percent).
  • Return and exchange facility is also available.
  • No delivery charges for delivering any product

Wrap up

While the various shopping website are available on the search engine, DealGuru has survived and emerged as the best one. It sells only first hand quality products which is in the perfect condition, but due to a huge stock the sellers give you opportunity to grab the product at lowest price.

At last, I would say that DealGuru by AskMeBazaar will give you real satisfaction by its services and offers. I hope you enjoyed my review post on DealGuru.


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