Understanding the Cutting-edge Terms of Smartphones

Our lives have become incomplete without smartphones and it is a tough job to keep up with new terms and features being offered by companies. It’s high time you get well versed with the features of smartphones and understand whether you need it and if you do, how do you use it. Below are listed some top cutting edge terms for smartphones which would help in enhancing your understanding:


Near Field Communication (NFC) is the technology which is in use in latest smartphone product lines. NFC allows exchange of data between the devices over the short distances, very fast merely by tapping the handsets together. Though things like Google Wallet mobile payments and the Android Beam have been made possible by NFC, there is no adequate demand for NFC yet. One very important capability of NFC is that it has made pairing with different wireless devices like headphones and speakers via Bluetooth, easier and simpler.

Quad-core processing

CPU arms race that was at one time restricted to laptop and desktop computers has now reached the smartphones seriously. Two processing centers that are dedicated on single chip are being eclipsed rapidly by processors having four discrete cores. The models having eight or more are in the horizon and can be bought at good discounts using Amazon India coupons.

Bluetooth and hands-free audio

The connecting of mobile phones with accessories like hands-free headsets has been in practice for many years now. Bluetooth has been changing with time and supporting various new gadgets like wireless stereo headsets and the fitness trackers such as Fitbit Force, Jawbone Up24 and Nike FuelBand Se. Bluetooth also promises to improve the battery life substantially while supporting accessories of wireless phone and you can buy one at a good price using Snapdeal coupons.

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Wireless charging

Wireless charging is nothing new. Motorola’s Droids on the Verizon provides wireless charging if you can provide compatible charger. Nokia Lumia 1520 also makes an attempt for changing things for better. Handset of Phone8 can be paired with the accessories via Bluetooth assisted by NFC. The gadget also supports inductive charging.Have a look at CouponDekho.in for the latest coupons and deals applicable on latest smartphones.

Wireless carriers

The most difficult part of shopping for cell phone is the selection of wireless carrier. Normally you do not have too much choice because you would perhaps be locked in two year contract and will be required to pay huge early termination fee for cancelling before the time is over. First thing in your mind should be coverage as you will prefer carrier having good coverage at your home, work and other places. You will have to work out whether you will be at urban centers or going through the rural areas often. May be you will not be leaving neighborhood much but would be making many international trips. You should settle for carrier that will offer broad coverage. Otherwise you will have to be satisfied with regional carrier.

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