Canon Launches EOS M100 Compact Mirrorless Camera

Canon announced the launch of its new mirrorless camera, by the name of EOS M100. In the year 2015, Canon launched EOS M10, and the newly launched camera is the improved version of the previous one. With the launch of its new version, Canon has raised the bar.


It has an APS-C sensor camera of 24.2 megapixel,(this replaces the 18-megapixel sensor of the old camera) and it also possesses a DIGIC 7 image processor (this has replaced the old DIGIC 6) as well. The videos can be shot on the camera at 1080p at 60 frames per second, it can also release a burst of 6.1 frames for one second for still images, and this is seen as a major improvement because of the image processor. M100 has tried to maintain the in-built WIFI with NFC that M10 has. Bluetooth can also be connected. Users can also attach EF and EF- S lenses with the help of the EOS M Mount adapter. This adapter is available separately. The shutter speed of the camera ranges from 1/4000 seconds to 30 seconds.

According to company reports, M100 is the slimmest and lightest camera in the category of M-series. The body of M100 is not as rugged as that of the M5. M100 also offers Dual pixel CMOS AF system, and this feature offers fast and responsive focusing. The user can also manually select the position of the AF point and also the AF zone. Unlike M5, the user cannot attach a removable EVF to the top of the camera and M100 also does not have a viewfinder. With the help of one click, the users can easily swipe the images and can also zoom in and zoom out the way they do on their smartphones.

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Availability and Color:

EOS M100 will be available for its customers in three sets: one will be a single-lens set, second one will be a double zoom lens, and the third one will be a second double lens with a prime lens. Because of its availability in three sets, the company is planning to market the product to backpackers and travelers, because of its neat and compact camera.  EOS M100 will be available in three colors – Griege, Black and White. The jacket is available in 9 colors, offering users a variety to choose from.


The price of the camera starts from $600 (Rs. 38,400) to $900 (Rs. 58,000). The shipping of the camera will start in the month of October.

Other features:

If you are a beginner, this camera works best for you as this works really well for those who are looking for a beginner- friendly option and are also planning to pursue photography as their career. M100 comes with an enhanced version known as the Creative Assist Mode. Along with features like that of “Blur-sharpen” and “Clear-vivid”, a new feature known as white balance parameter that will be used for adjusting the “Color 2” has also been added. Images can also be transferred and live video shooting can also be done in M100. With the help of Bluetooth connectivity, GPS information can also be transmitted in no time.

The external dimensions of M100 are 108.2 mm X 67.1mm X 35.1mm. And the weight of the camera is 266grams. If you tilt the camera by 180 degrees, it will enter the self- portrait mode and you can take high- quality selfies, which can be later easily shared with your smartphone. Users can also download the Canon connect application, with the help of which they can monitor their device’s settings and take control of the camera.

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