Bharti Airtel will launch 4G in Delhi soon

Bharti Airtel is expected to launch 4G service in Delhi soon. The 4G service would enable users to watch video and download data very fast in comparison to 3G service. The 4G service is already available in Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh and Pune. Bharti Airtel would launch 4G in Delhi in September or by the end of 2013. After Delhi, 4G service would be launched in Mumbai.

Bharti Airtel is dealing with Chinese electronic equipment maker Huawei to install and tackle the 4G in Delhi.

Bharti Airtel won broadband wireless license in the service areas of Karnataka, Kolkata, Punjab and Maharashtra in 2010 and it bought 49% stakes (now, it is 49%) of the world’s leading chipset maker Qualcomm in 2012. The 4G service would provide 100 megabits per second and will provide 1 gigabits per second at the fixed place.

Qualcomm is very prominent company globally as the Smartphone chipset maker, but the company’s interests aroused in the telecom sector, especially in India. The US based firm has succeeded the deal to provide fast speed internet in 4 areas in India. It included the major cities of India like Delhi and Mumbai as well Kerala and Haryana.

Bharti Airtel is the only 4G service provider in India and it will provide the service to the 5th city Delhi. It has different providers in different areas which supply 4G service to Airtel. Huawei supply 4G to Airtel in Karnataka while ZTE is the vendor of Airtel in Kolkata and Chandigarh. Nokia Siemens is 4G vendor in Pune.

Airtel is set on completely owning the four erstwhile JVs by the end of the forthcoming year, while the 4G sevices will be growing across the nation. Reliance JIO will launch its 4G network after the year and it seems great victory for Airtel, as it will be able to grow up its network in each edge with Reliance in at least two big cities. India’s leading company Airtel has hold up the command in 4G data market and now offering 4G via dongles in Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chandigarh.

This service will make possible watching videos on the internet without buffering and will download data very fast which will save time. All the Indian consumers were waiting eagerly to be available high-speed internet connection India and Airtel will make their dream come true.

What is 4G?

I would say in one word: Fast!

4G stands for “4th generation” mobile data protocol. But 4G users will better explain that it’s all about the speed. Now the question comes, what is LTE? LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. It is a condition especially for 4G protocol that gives fastest mobile internet speed experience.

Using 4G handset on LTE network means that the users can download data up to 10 Mbps that is faster than 3G. 4G speed is taking the technology to the next level. Now, all the handset manufacturers are launching their handsets with 4G support.

The 4G service is already trending in the  market and will be helpful to change the lifestyle of the mobile users. We do agree that it would be costliest, but 2G will be lost from the market gradually as the internet users hate 2G because of  very low speed.

It would be great step to be launched 4G service in Delhi by Bharti Airtel. If we find any news related to 4G, then we will let you know in next technology post.

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