Best iOS Apps for Your Christmas Shopping List

Christmas is right around the corner and you must be busy creating your guest list and shopping list for the celebration ahead. Creating a list of items for Christmas and ensuring that you do not miss anything can be tricky.

You can take help from technology and use different apps to get information on different products, keep them organized, and order your gifts. There are apps that can help you arrange and manage your gift lists and plan for the best Christmas this year. You can download these apps using WOW internet.

WOW internet service provides the fastest internet connections, affordable subscription plans, and WOW Customer Support to users all over America. For now, let’s have a look at the different apps you can download from the App Store easily.



The app lets users keep track of events and different gift lists. One can use the app to check out their gift plan and other information like stores, gift ideas, prices, purchase status, gift order, tracking number, etc. The app is very convenient for users who want to plan their Christmas and gift lists for other events.

The best thing about the app is that you can send your gift to the app directly from your browser, smartphone, or desktop. This way, users can import new gifts without interrupting their shopping.

The app lets users add unlimited gifts, people, and events and track them without any hassle. Also, you can use your smartphone as a Barcode scanner within the app to quickly fill out the product information. Apart from that, exporting your gift list report and getting it printed for different events and people can become convenient for users too.

App Store Rating: 4.5


Santa’s Bag

This is one of the most popular apps that provides a unique way for users to shop for Christmas gifts. It also enhances their Christmas shopping experience and makes shopping for gifts hassle-free. You can easily manage Christmas gift recipients and go through the lists you have. Also, you can use the app to plan, shop, and budget your Christmas shopping conveniently. The app’s interface can help you avoid forgetting anyone or anything important and make sure you have everything covered for your Christmas celebrations.

You can make keep everything within your grasp by adding gifts, favorite brands, notes, and recipients of the gifts. Users can also print, email, and save different customizable lists for planning, shopping, etc. All of this, and many other features offered by the app will let users make Christmas an amazing event in 2022.

App Store Rating: 4.4


 The app lets users select the right gift, make wishlists, and share it in a family group comprising members selected by you. Unlike other apps, Giftster can make your and your family’s gift-giving experience less stressful and more exciting. The best thing about the app is that not everyone can view and shop for items that are part of the wish list.

You can mark things you have already purchased to avoid duplication and keep everything in one place. It is also ideal to plan your perfect Christmas and Birthday surprise as well.

The app lets you invite people to a private gift idea-sharing group or join an existing group using the app or the website. The different options of the app let your gift list and wish list private and more secure.

App Store Rating: 3.8

Christmas Gift List Tracker

 The app lets users replace Santa to make a list of gifts and keep track of different holiday gift ideas. You can use these ideas to buy gifts for friends and family using this amazing app. The app lets you keep a check of your purchases and lets you track your budget as well. To get a clear picture of your spending and budget, the app uses graphical information and gives you a clear picture of all the money matters.

The best thing about the app is that you can sync your list of items across different devices and use a passcode to protect your gift list. You can also share and organize your list, create a backup list and save it on iCloud. The app also makes collaborative list-making seem more seamless and easy for users.

App Store Rating: 4.9


 In the end, one can say that Christmas is more than just exchanging gifts and greetings. You can express your love and care for people around you and celebrate Christmas with them. Users can find different gift items for Christmas, make purchases, and track orders easily. Also, you can use these apps to plan a surprise for someone special and make Christmas more fun for them this year.

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