How to Choose the Best Earbuds for Smartphones

It is obvious that you might just end up being confused when it comes to buying the best earbuds. The reason is that many earbud models exist today, so sometimes it might take some time to make up your mind. With the right guide, however, it should be easy to which models would be the best for your smartphone. Check out the following guide on how to choose the best earbuds for smartphones.

The design and styling

It is highly likely that you would want a good looking model of earbuds and still functional too. You have to consider the different design options available first before you can choose the best one. The styling in most cases would make someone to pick a model or not. Some people just love to turn heads by having earbuds with a great design.

As much as looks are great, you will also have to think about the functionality. The earbuds have to deliver the best sound quality for the money you are paying for. It is not always that you will get that perfect balance between the design and sound quality.


Noise-canceling or not

Depending on the application for your new earbuds, sometimes you might need to have the noise cancellation feature. With the noise canceling earbuds, they would have an additional circuit to help with the whole process of canceling the ambient noise. The noise canceling earbuds might be great at blocking that noise, but the sound quality is often compromised. You can always choose the best earbuds depending on the application.

Wireless or wired

With the advancement in technology, it is now possible to have wireless earbuds. Before it would be just headphones, but now it is more of earbuds too tapping into the same technology. You could still decide on choosing the wireless or wired model depending on your preferences. The wireless models would often be expensive.


It is common to see some people saying that the earbuds were just comfortable for a while and then it felt so uncomfortable after a while. If you can get comfortable earbuds, it would be hours of listening to music before you can start to feel uncomfortable wearing them. It all comes down to how the earbuds are designed and shaped. Some earbuds would be shaped in a way that contours with your ear canal as a way of boosting comfort. Some manufacturers also come up with different sizes of the earbuds of the same model. This means that you get to choose the best size depending on your ear size too.


Portability might not be much of a big issue when it comes to earbuds. Most of them would be designed to ensure that portability is paramount. If your earbuds are always tangling, not many people would want to use them while on the road. The same thing happens when the earbuds will always fall from the ears. Take the time to learn about the design of the earbuds and decide whether it would be suitable for portability or not.


The durability is something that you can always rely on in determining the reliability of the earbuds. The material and the design of the earbuds would affect the durability. Some might be made of stronger plastics, while others would be made of some metal parts to increase durability. For the earbuds made of metal parts, they would be heavier, but it is all worth it if you can now keep in mind the durability you would be getting.

Some manufacturers would have a protective case that helps with keeping the earbuds well-secured most of the time. You would not have to worry about durability when storing the earbuds in the protective case.


If you opt for the earbuds with cables, then you have to think about the length of the cables too. You would want a model with a practical length of the cables. Sometimes you might get one with a cable that is too long or another with a shorter cable. Having a very long cable often affects the sound quality. The long cable will always introduce some noises to the sound.

Still, on the cables, you have to think about the issues such as tangling of the cables before you can buy it. Tangling may make you take more time trying to untangle it most of the time. Tangling also sometimes might make it easy for the cables to develop weak points where they could easily break.


The cost of the earbuds will have an effect in terms of the number of people who would be willing to buy them. You always have to be sure that the earbuds you are buying are within your budget and still deliver the best sound quality. It is always possible to get the best headphones under 100, and they still deliver impressive sound just like the expensive models.


It is always great if you can end up with the best earbuds for your smartphone, as they will influence just how often you would be listening to music through your smartphone. Comfort would always be a priority, so take the time to check out a few models and comparing their comfort levels.

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