Here’s Top 5 Best DJ Turntable That You Should Not Be Miss

Are you looking for the best DJ turntable in the market? If you shop around you might get confused about what you are picking with as there are a wide variety of items that comes with the similar features.  As a matter of fact, there are new types of this item introduced every now and then in line with our new technology, its features enhance in accordance with the latest format or design.  If you can relate to this matter, read this post that tackles 5 best DJ turntable that you should not be miss

What is Dj’s Turntable?

Dj’s turntable has been around for decades. In 1973, one DJ (Kool Herc) made a name in line with hip-hop and starting to spread out large block parties.As years goes by, people are too curious of the “scratching sounds” through forward and backward of the turntables (it is an object that looks like a platter) that provide more sounds effects when used. In other words, turntables become a core gadget that every DJ should own.

Moving on, the World evolves and so with DJ turntable manufactured, it now produces a modern and digital type that the industry embraces it with. In fact, there are some series of best DJ turntable that you might be surprised with its power. Which at this point brings every consumer baffled or feel uncertain when choosing the best and valuable turntables. And if you belong or one of these people, see these list of best DJ turntables that you might interest with.

Top 5 Best Turntables, Buyers Guide

People who are planning to buy the best DJ turntable has a lot to consider, weighing some factors like its performance and specification that appears when it is used hence, sharing with you here are top 5 best turntables that might interest you.

Stanton ST-150 / STR8-150

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Stanton   ST-150/ STR8-150 has been standing out among its competitors, it maintains its good reputation for more than 50 years. This brand historically made a name in the industry and keep growing until these days.

Stanton is well manufactured and so it becomes hit and most favoured and patronized by some DJs for more than a decade. It has a history of a good performance, and reliable that attracts everyone’s interest. This product obviously contains great features, it is a bit heavy compared from another brand yet its weight indicates for its durability.

In addition, Stanton ST-150 is one heavy duty item (built with a metal body) which has a rubberized bottom, impressive internal unit, able to play records in 33 and 78 RPM, with easy stop and start adjustment knobs and smooth and precise smooth control.

Pioneer PLX-1000

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One of the most popular turntables is Pioneer PLX-1000, a DJ-friendly product that leading in the market for how many years. It is most commonly seen in some nightclubs booth all over the World, as thousands of DJs prefer to own this product for some reasons.

Convenient wise, Pioneer PLX-1000 is one device that you would not turn your back. It is known with a wide variety of great features such as different range pitch alteration, improved start/stop buttons, black brush aluminium face plate, and blue led light as well as great designs for scratching. To sum it all Pioneer PLX-1000 not only performs exceptional but also comes with a great design that every Dj will appreciate for.


Audio-Technica AT-LP120USB

The impression of Audio-Technica AT- LP12 in the DJ industry were amazing. It is manufactured to well incorporate into high-end headphones, microphones, mixers and many other electronic products. This turntable created with great features such as a decent direct drive motor, built-in USB, aluminium platter, subtle pitch adjustment, S-shape tone-arm and plastic tops which are made of polymer.

In addition, Audio-Technica AT-LP120USB  has been paired with modern Japan-based devices (like microphones and some Wi-Fi appliances)which mean that its performance level is amazing easy to mix sounds, solid scratching a user-friendly item that every consumer wish to buy.


Reloop RP-8000

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Reloop RP-800 is one device that easy to manoeuvre, it selling like hot-cakes in the industry for over twenty years. Reloop manufactured and built with high-quality mixers, controllers, speakers and many others. It is more develop with additional features in accordance with modern technology system. A device that is professionally upgraded with complete RGB backlight pads,  USB port, MIDI mapping, reverse switch, quartz lock and a lot more.

Reloop RP-8000 have a digital display which makes it attractive (aside from its durability and quality) for every user. It is one device that produces amazing sounds, perfect turntable and known as the best among the rest in the market.

Numark TT250USB

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.Numark TT240USB is one product that is highly competitive among other DJ turntables. It is made or created with great designs which derive from some famous devices such as Akai, Alesis, and many others.

Numark features gradually develop as years goes by, the improvement gain a lot of attention from the industry impresses some DJs who have been noticing for its exceptional performance just like some famous brands Pioneer and Stanton.

Like any other brand, Numark comes with amazing features, it has direct drive motor which is best suitable for DJs scratching and playing and mixing music. Moreover, this turntable is built with 22 lbs. weight, magnetic cartridges, best cheap record player and fun to spin with, work smoothly and give a job well-done for every user.

Finally, you have the list of DJ Turntables, as you will notice, each product has its own specification it will just matter if how it will affect and reflect your needs. Nonetheless, buying perfect turntables is the best advice but try to consider that you are not only getting good value but also cheap record player with excellent performance. Which one suit you best then?

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