Best Apps your Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge wants now!

Samsung Galaxy S7 is definitely an awesome handset and is still one of the best 10 smartphones of today. Gorgeous screen, amazing camera, fantastic specs – it has just the right ingredients. However, there is still scope for more. Here is a rundown of those apps that would make your smartphone experience from amazing to wow. Enjoy!

  1. Greenify

You can put your application sin hibernation mode with Greenify App so that they do not run in the background eating your phone’s battery. If you have an app that you are currently not using or is affecting the phone’s performance, but do not want to uninstall, simply put it in hibernation mode with Greenify. It will not bother you again. So, boost up your battery’s performance this way.

  1. Musixmatch

World’s largest lyrics catalog and bestowed with best apps for the year 2014 and 15, Musixmatch scans your music library in the phone and live stream the selected playlist to retrieve the lyrics through Musixmatch.

  1. Chromer

Manage your smartphone smartly with Chromer. It is a lighter version of Chrome that is designed to load webpages quickly. You can make use of Chrome custom tabs for better web experience and make seamless transitions from native to web content without the need for a WebView.

  1. Accomplish

As the name goes by, this app is your buddy in not only helping you remember the tasks you need to prioritize or finish by the end of the day, but also graphically plan your day’s schedule for higher efficiency. You can even sync this app with the Google Calendar.

  1. Background HD

A background setting app, it offers around 800 images for your home screen completely free. This huge collection of wallpapers gets updated on a daily basis and you can choose to your heart’s content.

This app is smart enough to not cast any extra load on your phone’s performance or consume battery. There is a wide category to choose from like nature, animal, vehicles etc.

  1. Evernote

Simple and highly intuitive, Evernote is the best note taking apps in the market right now and perfect for your latest Samsung Galaxy S7 edge blue coral 32GB contract deals. If you are new to it, take notes – you can type, or audio record your notes for later use. Scan any legal documents and the scanned copy you get is completely legitimate. If you have multiple notes, you can add tags and can even apply multiple filters for searching any particular note.

  1. Hermit

If saving space and optimising your battery is in your mind, give Hermit app a try. We all are aware how much space native apps take and gradually slow down the phone’s performance. Hermit will help you replace any such native app with a lighter version. There is a library of such apps from where you can choose as per your need.

Hermit does not allow any third party cookies thus enhancing your privacy while you browse.

  1. Khan Academy

If you wish to learn anything but online, Khan Academy is one such app that should be on your latest Samsung Galaxy S7 edge blue coral. You have videos, practice exercises to help you understand better and learn something new in the most innovative way. You can learn about maths, science, any language even programming languages, law, Archaeology etc.

The content is available in more than 36 languages. Well, for specialized content and study material, they have partnered with the world’s best institutions like MIT, The Museum of Modern Art etc.

  1. Google Now

We must applaud Google for bringing such a revolutionary concept on table wherein you would be able to get all your desired information at one go by just saying “OK Google”. It will activate there and then. It is far ahead of Siri or Cortana like Virtual Assistant. There are cards that will not only receive huge amount of information but also process it quickly to get you the most accurate and appropriate results.

  1. Camera Zoom FX

An award winning android app, it is the fastest camera wherein you can capture around 10 shots at one go. You can add your friends, family or colleagues and adjust their size and position. You can then edit them by cropping, adding borders etc. You can share your photos instantly as soon as you are done over any social networking site.


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