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A crucial decision of BlackBerry.

BlackBerry has launched BlackBerry Messenger on Android and iOS. BBM was used only on BlackBerry’s phones, but now it makes its presence on Android and iOS too. Now, you can download BlackBerry Messenger on Android and iOS.

Role of BBM in BlackBerry.

BBM has played a vital role in the good sale of BlackBerry. It is considered as the great messenger and most of the customers buy BlackBerry phones to use BBM. It is very easy to access BBM in comparison to other messengers.


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I am Sceptical. Why had BB decided to avail BBM on others?

It may be a good decision or a big mistake for BlackBerry. It may increase the users of BBM or decrease the sale of BlackBerry. Now, the customers are confused in the selection of phones because they can use BBM on BlackBerry as well as on Android and iOS. They have more than one option of brand on which they can use BBM. Sales of BlackBerry are being noticed good in comparison to previous years that is why they should have thought once again if the sale is good due to BBM, then after sometime BlackBerry will be facing a crisis.

It is too early to say anything about the decision.

I think it is too early to say anything about the decision of BB. There may be a good strategy behind the decision since it is a leading brand all over the world. It seems that they are taking market as a chess and trying to give the check to the market king.

BBM is considered the best among the other messengers though it has a small number of users. It was available only on BB, and the sale of BB is weak in comparison to other smart phones. So it could be the main reason behind the lesser number of users of BBM and that is why BB has decided to spread the BBM on other Android and iOS in hope to increase the users of BBM.

After the availability of BBM on others.

Now you can stay connected to people on BB, Android and iOS through BBM. You can add friends in contact lists whether they are using BB, Android and iOS phones. BB will demolish the wall between the users of BB, Android and iOS with the decision to avail BBM everywhere. After this people will buy BB phones without thinking about their colleague’s phone. They will have the option to think about function not about the messenger to stay connected.


BBM continues to grow rapidly as a mobile social platform for consumers and for business customers, with innovative features that give you new ways to connect and share information with each other.

BBM Channels

BBM Channels are channels that allow BBM users to communicate with others on a variety of topics. You can join any channel, themes divided into categories: food, hobbies, sports, entertainment, fashion, cars and so on. Channels can be created for brands, companies, users, BBM, because it is a great way to communicate with people on topics that interest you, and to find like-minded people in a huge space BBM communities.

Share location

This wonderful feature enables customers to share their location with one or more contacts.  It is ideal for those who are late or sitting somewhere with friends. BBM allows customers to set the time during which their status will be displayed. When the time on the timer expires, your deployment is again hidden.

Dropbox Support

Built-in support for Dropbox ™ allows you to easily send large files, such as presentations and videos. With built-in BBM Dropbox, you can send a file from your personal cloud directly to your BBM-contact. Given a document, you can save it to a memory card or smartphone to add to your account Dropbox.


Customers asked for more BBM emoticons, and now has been added more than 100 new to help you express yourself. Many of the new emoticons came from the ideas of BlackBerry users.


As we all know decision are necessary to become a leader in the market, that’s what BB has done but the decision should be taken at the right time but who knows it is a right or wrong time for BB to take such a big decision.

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