Apps can help you – whether you are a starter or an experienced investor

In the stock market, every day is new and here, the key to making money lies in information, research and timing. So, no matter what your profile it – a starter or experienced investor, apps can help you. Let’s see how.

Alerts and Watchlists
Any investor has a certain number of stocks that they are interested in. But then, not all of us have enough time to get glued to our screens and watch it fluctuate. In such cases, you can program your app to do so. Just feed the value where you want to app to trigger the alert and that’s it. The app will remind you when the stock touches that point.


Smart Trading
Continuing with the last example, let’s say you get a notification and the stock hits the rate you wish, and you want to take an action – which can be either buy or sell. You can either call your broker and execute the trade which can roughly take about a few minutes, or tap on your phone to conclude it. If you do the latter, you would be able to finish off with the trade in a few seconds. Due to constant trading, the stock prices do fluctuate a lot, and instant trading can help you get the right deal.

Ease of Handling
You can’t imagine fidgeting around with your laptop while you are commuting in a metro or a bus. Besides it takes about a minute to get to that screen, all that really makes it a huge hassle. Compare that to a smartphone, where you can just tap on the app and you’d know what’s going on with financial markets.

With a good app like IIFL, you would have access to research reports of over 500 companies prepared by over 50 full-time experts, and based on that you can decide whether you want to buy the stocks.

You can start off with good native apps like India Infoline’s IIFL Markets. The app helps you decide good stocks at the drop of the hat and has features like IIFL recommendation.

IIFL Markets is useful for investors of all the age and its smart integration would enhance your stock market lookout. The app for available for free download for both Android and Apple Smartphone users.

The makers of the app have put in considerable amount of resources to ensure that the investors get the right mix of knowledge and tips to decide on value stocks. You can use this app independently or in conjunction with a few others – but soon you shall realize that IIFL Markets does the trick for you on the go.

Now, you don’t need to concede to impulse or follow the arguments on the television. If you ever need them, you can look up on both live tv and the achieves on the app.

With that said, no matter what your target segment is, or what your level of proficiency is, the stock market apps would help you figure out the best stocks.

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