Apple’s iOS 7.1Update Available with CarPlay, Improved Fingerprint Scanner

Apple released iOS 7.1 update for its mobile operating system on Monday, which is the first huge update after September 2013. The US company has made available this update for developers now which brought small changes but interesting makeover to Apple’s iPhone OS.

Mainly the update includes official support for CarPlay, and It has become most trending talk of Geneva Auto Show where It was officially unveiled. Apple has made a full page details on features of  iOS 7.1.

The users can manually control how long Siri listens to them by holding the home button while they speak and releasing it when they are done. Both ways of interaction are available for users in iOS 7.1. Apple has improved the voice quality also and added some natural voices in UK English, Australian English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.



 Here some visual tweaks have been confirmed like shift keys on the keyboard, lock screen icons, in-call button and many more.

Many people have complained about calendar in iO7v, so now event list is available in the month view in this update and the users can directly see the appointments.

iTunes Radio offers particular feature of creating stations quickly with a search and allows to subscribe from any iDevices without any ads preview.

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Some  have complained that accessibility options does not work properly and parallax effect making ill them but now ‘Reduce option’ button applies to weather, messages and multitasking screen.

For those users who have faced issues with TouchID, they will be glad to know that It has been improved and fingerprint recognition also will work properly. iPhone 4 users also will notice performance improvement now in this iOS 7.1 update.

 This iOS 7.1 includes a camera update for iPhone 5S users. The update supports only A7 processor and iPhone 5S is equipped with high speed A7 processor. It helps to create sharper and closer view of the image with shadow effects.

According to Apple, approx. 83% iOS 7 users have updated their devices into new update 7.1 and no older phone less than iPhone 4 will be eligible for this update.

iOS 7.1 Design

ios design

The answer and decline buttons are now in red and green circles shape. These rounded buttons seem fashionable and match to caller’s photo icon.

The same change was made to revised power off slider bar. Holding down the sleep button opens a new white and red button, which is replacing the unpleasant orange toolbar.

All animations have been made quick responsive and faster in iOS 7.1 while opening up apps. It’s enough when the processor got a speed faster without upgrading hardware.

Upcoming iOS 8

Apple’s notes shows that Touch ID fingerprint recognition system has been improved in iOS 7.1, because the customers have complained that scanner forgets their fingerprints several times. The camera and calendar apps also highlighted by Apple in iOS 7.1. The major changes would be made in new iOS 8.

You can update your iOS 7.0 into 7.1 through software update feature on the devices or via iTunes.

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