Apple iWatch Specs, Price and Release Date

The Apple smart iWatch would be released next year with innovative features and specs but rumors have indicated that it could be seen soon in affordable price. Apple always comes with unique and lavish product in the market that is why people feel proud with Apple products. Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is under processing and will be launched with most ambitious handset Note 3, so Apple will have to brace itself for a serious competition and need to do something special to get appreciation or good response from the users.

The rumors indicate that Apple has hired a large number of technical experts and designers to aid the company to accomplish its objective of developing a wrist based device. In addition, the watches may differ in their sizes for men and women. The iWatch is expected to feature Willow Glass display with multi touch. Willow Glass is said to be very flexible like paper. The screen of the iWatch would be very sensitive with protective features including dust and water- resistant.

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Why it is being considered special wearable smartwatch?

Apple watch would come with an excellent Willow Glass display that can bend easily without breaking just like a piece of paper. Rumors also suggest that the company will even incorporate UV sensors in the wristwatch. In addition, the watch include a pedometer and biometric sensors for measuring statics like steps taken, blood sugar level, calories burnt, monitor sleep and blood oxygen levels.

This iWatch is expected to have a rectangular 1.5 inch touch screen OLED display, that is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. The Apple iWatch is a rechargeable smartwatch that can be recharged without any cord (wireless charging).

It would have Siri, which is also known as voice assistant. This smartwatch will also support music system and enable users to control their iPhone’s music player and a lot more. Apple’s technology and expertise will make it much easier for the apps to coordinate with Siri. This will even make the voice assistant perfect.

It would use Bluetooth to receive calls and messages. You can see details of the caller or reply of your phone calls without receiving calls on the iPhone, it would have a microphone, so calls can be received on it also. However, the Bluetooth used will be low- power that will enable the battery of iWatch to last for a longer period. The iWatch may have GPS map applications too.

The iWatch is ‘delayed’

We all know that an unannounced product always becomes late even the consumers are waiting for this gadget desperately, but according to rumors Apple’s manufacturers are having trouble with the watch.

We heared a bad news too about the watch that the battery is also causing the problem for Apple Watch.

Here, below we have shown a video that will let you know more about the watch.

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