Apple iPad ‘5’ Air – Reasons for its high price

The 5th Gen Apple iPad names as iPad Air is now offered with Retina display. The device has been made extremely thin measured at 0.3 inches, compared with fourth generation counterpart. It weighs less than one pound. The iPad Air would be powered by the same A7 chip and M7 motion co-processor that was inside the iPhone 5S. To add a short note on its innovative specifications, the device features as 5 Megapixel cameras with a capacity of capturing 1080p motion pictures. It also has an HD front facing camera and two microphones. To comprehend its inherent features, the all new iPad Air is all about thin and lighter design with a fast processor.


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Price of the device:

There is not much difference in the cost of iPad Air compared with its full sized counterparts, the device would cost around $499 for its 16 GB model with Wi-Fi connectivity and would cost $629 for 32 GB and 4G LTE and its 64 GB and 128 GB counterparts would be priced at $729 and $829 respectively.
The device is expected to hit the market in November and would compete with its competitors for its inherent capabilities such as high definition retinal screen display, 7.9 inch screen, A7 chip processor and for its light weight. The device would also feature an amazing 10 hours of battery life while browsing the internet.

Reasons for the high price of the iPad –

It is a challenge to get a model both thin and light:
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Customers of Apple are indeed pretty happy for its venture in getting a model thinner and lighter. iPad Air is one of the classic Apple products that have been made quite a useful device. Its last generation iPad were not made that easy and necessitated the use of two hands for functioning. The iPad Air could be held easily in one hand and the company has redesigned the gadget for an easy and secure grip as well.

New generation processing capability with A7 chip:

The A7 processor from Apple has been considered the best chip yet and has been built with excellent technology. The billion transistor processor chip includes the best power efficiency and 64 bit architecture. This A7 processor would be the reason behind the speed of iPad Air and would possibly consider graphics interface used in the applications of the iPad. Its 9.7 inch retinal display required ample processing capacity as well. The processing chip paves way for 64 bit architecture as it opens up the portals for ambient performance and functionalities. This iPad Air has been proposed to be the best iPad in the market for a long time and Apple has made the gadget future proof and a tough competitor for other giant iPad manufacturers.

The entire package in cumbersome and speaks for the cost:

Though many critics point that this iPad Air 5 has lamented few new technologies only, its customers would soon realize that the device is packed with some of the best technologies tagged as an excellent tablet. Though the device does not differ with the predecessors of the iPad family in lieu of features or buttons, it is packed with all inherent capabilities to be ranked as the latest generation tablet device.

A lot of refinement has been incorporated in the iPad rather than concentration on incorporation new innovation. The device is powered by an iOS 7 processor and has an ultrafast chipset and its processing speed would reflect ultimately on the applications the users would use the device for. The controls in the iPad would not interfere with the user experience in the device, unlike other iPad from its competitors such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Apple has indeed made an improvisation with almost all of the features it has to and the best bet is its processor and HD retina display.

The tablet has been made extremely easy to hold and would warrant extended hours of usage, the iPad has been incorporated with stronger connectivity features and solutions, including wireless technology for ambient input and output, faster downloading and uploading capabilities, improved speaker grilles and camera specifications etc. Irrespective of all these improvisations, the iPad still warrants complete ten hours of battery life as promised by Apply with all of its iPad series.

Though it carries all of the specifications of all other iPad, it would be able to perform its functions better and faster. It is also an exciting product with ambient specs incorporated in its case. It is indeed a deeply focused product from the entire Apple family and has all incorporations a typical tablet should have into practice. It also behaves and feels like an ideal tablet device on hand.


Apple has announced the release date of the iPad Air 5 as November 1st 2014, and the company is not willing to accept any pre orders for its latest tablet. Perhaps Apple is concentrating more on the public release date of the device rather than concentrating much on its pre-orders. Apple has enhanced its innovative edge with the iPad Air and has incorporated the best of the specs with the device for an ambient and extraordinary feel with every use. Apple throws due emphasis on the public demands of the device and would wish to watch people queue up at retail stores to try its ambient tablet device.

Making people wait for the release date and keeping the device away from the public until the wide release date of the gadget, would make is more sought after and elusive. Otherwise this iPad Air is quite a good bet for its classic looks, product capabilities and innovative features. It would be a gadget of demand for the specs it offers at this composite price point and would for sure be a tough competitor for other iPad manufacturers in the market.
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