An Interview With Sasiprabha – Author of “My Moonlit Pilgrimage”

Sasiprabha is a doctor by profession but writing has always been her passion. After getting free from the gruelling and hectic schedule of college, she penned her novel only in 90 days. Her debut novel “My Moonlit Pilgrimage” is about a young girl’s journey to find the true meaning of love.

Tell us something about yourself and also something that your readers don’t know?
By profession, I am a doctor. I am a simple girl, having no interest to live with an ordinary thought process. I try to fulfil my social commitment by working for child welfare programmes as I love the kids a lot. I serve also as a motivational speaker.

Sasiprabha -“My Moonlit Pilgrimage” -spiderorbit

Sasiprabha -“My Moonlit Pilgrimage” -spiderorbit

How did the book “My Moonlit Pilgrimage” come into being?
It was quite accidental. When I started writing it, I had never even thought of getting published. I wrote very naturally as a part of my attempt to go beyond my thoughts and the emotions I witnessed and passed through. People around me gave me such a deep inspiration that in the end, the idea of publishing it crossed my head!

Who has been your inspiration or what has inspired to transition from a doctor to a writer?
5 years of boring college life had kept me completely out of writing. Once the house surgeoncy began, I was freed from such a routine and I could concentrate in reading. As the reading grew deeper, I naturally began to write, but short scribbling or poems, and I shared them on social networking sites. But the response I got literally amazed me. My ‘friends cum readers’ there inspired me to get published.

How different is being a doctor and a writer?

Peripherally both are extremely different, but at the rock bottom they are very similar. I believe medicine is not a science, but an art! Anyone can learn the science, but only the blessed can practice the art. Similar is the case of writing. You need to be richly blessed to be an artist or a writer!

The book is about a girl’s journey in search of love. Is this your story or someone you know?
The story is formed of my experiences and observations. So the protagonist took her birth from me and too from a few around me whom I know.

You book has been praised for having the fluidity of poetry and the poems you have written. What would you like to be: A poet or an author?
I would love to remain what the natural flow of words makes me! The poems came naturally in between when I tried to express myself through words. I am not sure if it will be so when I write another story. I love to let the things be very natural in writing.

Not only you are a doctor but a motivation speaker, any message for the youngsters and your readers?

When you choose to follow your heart’s deep calling, be sure that many will attempt to slow you down by interrupting your vision using their ignorance, narrow mindedness or any other negative quality as a tool. Be strong and be persistent! You have got a life on earth; do something different than following the crowd and leave a legacy!

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