Amazon’s Fire TV Review : Another Set Top Box with Extra Features

Do you truly require an alternate streaming box while numerous streaming boxes already exists in the market? The response turns out YES!

If you are value-oriented watcher and tried several devices such as Roku, XBOX, Apple TV, Chromecast, Singlebox, Belkin TV, and then you must order once Amazon Fire TV also. I can say it best and true value streaming box in my knowledge.

The simplicity of watching TV has made tendency in every homes. There is no need to change inputs, no need to wait for loading and no system inactivity issues, once in a while. You will have to endure to  discover a framework for viewing something, or channel surf through remote control, however this is not huge thing as It has been ordinary for a long time.

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The consumers do not like to wait for a moment and each second waiting for loading decreases the interest to their TVs. Our schedule is hectic very much in this occupied world and when we come to home at 8’O clock in evening and sit in front of the TV, yet additional time in changing inputs, wait for turn on the box and then again wait for video stream irritate us. It appears to be an excess of work for most of TV watchers.

Here, Amazon made simple this long process for TV watchers through its Fire TV. Amazon has utilized ultrafast box and made streaming much quicker, included voice look likewise the remote.

DVR usage has become more common and when there is nothing on TV, you need to tap on the remote basically for start watching your DVR. On the off chance that there is nothing, then you can tap on videos on demand offered by your cable operator.

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Fire-TV-Remote-spiderorbit                                      The remote is easy to use and includes voice search.

I found the voice search best even with noise in the background. This is much faster than other set up I have used cable set top box, smart TVs and other streaming devices. It does not take time to start playing the content and immediately start the streaming. The quick voice search and no wait for streaming will make an impact on you certainly.

 The great thing about the box is that It does not requires any set up or log in except Wi-Fi. Amazon packed the box with Amazon pime and runs in less than 5 minutes which is much impressive as all set top boxes need procedural work.

Amazon has initiated a companion application on Kindle fire, but there is no support for iOS, windows or android yet. The cell phones will be a great approach to discover content while TV could be tuned another program.

At 99$, it is in the line with Apple TV price but it is much better than Apple. It can be little costly than chromeCast that we are using in our room. But Amazon TV is offering more features and also delivering gaming option.

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Fire-TV-vs-Apple-TV-spiderorbit                                            The Fire TV is more useful than the Apple TV.

 However, there is bright future for Amazon fire TV because the hardware is designed for next generation. You will gain new gaming experience through it.

You can purchase Amazon Fire TV only for $99 at, where are some exclusive deal also for the device when purchases with a Kindle fire HDX.

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