Amazing Hidden Features of Samsung Galaxy S5 That will drive you Crazy

When one of the world’s most prominent smartphone manufacturers unveils its new offering, you definitely expect something extraordinary, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 does not disappoint. It contains all the functionality and features you could possibly wish for, and a little more. You just need to devote some time to explore the Samsung Galaxy S5 and you will see that there is much more to this flagship smartphone apart from the optional fingerprint scanner on the front and the heart-rate monitor on the back.

The smartphone definitely boasts of some of the most defining characteristics like rapid quad-core processor and 16 megapixel camera with 4K video capture. But beyond these interesting features, there are several new useful and interesting gems. So, come let us explore some of them-



Just explore the “Settings” menu or the quick access settings in the notifications pull down and you will come across an option called Toolbox. Simply toggle it on and you will notice a white dot, inscribed with an ellipsis. You just need to tap it and it will expand to unveil shortcuts to all the famous tills like calculator, browser, voice recorder, camera and the notes app. Furthermore, you can even swap these inbuilt shortcuts for other apps as well.

If the toolbox is getting in your way, you also have the option to drag it somewhere else on the screen. The toolbox option will fade away once you leave it alone long enough.

Connect to other devices swiftly

How do you move contents from your smartphone to somewhere else? Well, the new Samsung Galaxy S5 has simplified the task through organizing it into a neater package with Quick Connect, an easy press from the notification shade. Just tap it and you will get hold of a list of ways through which you can transfer items to your computer or connect with other devices. The innovative Quick Connect feature swaps a handful of confusing individual apps. If you have never been encouraged to transfer content from your phone to a different device, with Samsung Galaxy S5 you may want to now!


Now Keep Your Documents Private

You may wish to keep your multimedia files in a place where you and only you have access to it. The Samsung Galaxy S5 new Private Mode feature gives to simply way to do so. You just need to turn on the Private Mode via the Setting menu and you are all set to select documents, voice files, videos or even photos and Move to Private, with just your access.

Innovative Photo-Editing Features

If you are a fan of built-in editing tools, you will definitely be intrigued with Samsung Galaxy S5’s photo editing features. When viewing a photo in the gallery, you can now select Edit from the menu button and come across a range of tools to fight red eye, airbrush, crop, resize, and apply filters and effects. Furthermore, you can even draw all over your favorite photos!

There are unlimited new camera options in this new smartphone, including a unique mode that allows you to changer focus points afterwards, and enables special treatment for action shots.

Ultimate Way to Save Battery Power

With the help of the Power Saving Mode in the Settings menu you can easily extend the battery life. If you want S5 battery to last long, you can even try the Ultra Power Saving Mode, which gives you a simplified home screen with limited function and application access. You can select the applications which you want to access and even switch to greyscale, to ensure that no power is waste on the color display.

Explore the lesser known features of Samsung Galaxy S5 and make smart use of your smartphone!

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