Airtel 4G- The Fastest Network Ever

If speed is what you crave for, then Bharti Airtel’s 4G service is a must try for you. Bharti Airtel is one of the leading telecom operators in India and the third largest telecom operator in the world. Last month, the company initiated trails for its 4G network in several parts of Delhi and NCR. The company claims that its 4G network is the fastest network in comparison to all other existing networks. Airtel’s 4G network boasts its lightning fast speed for surfing different websites, songs and movie downloads at an unbelievable speed that too within few minutes.

The company recently declared in a press conference that it had already launched its latest and fastest 4G service in around 296 towns in India successfully and is further planning to expand its service to various other locations in India as well. Bharti Airtel being the first telecom operator to come up with 4G services in India proclaims to offer 4G services to its users at the prices of 3G only.


What is a 4G Network?

With reference to telecommunication, 4G is known as the fourth generation of mobile communication standards. 4G network is superior in respect to a 3G network and aims at offering superfast broadband internet access to the users. Airtel has equipped its 4G network to offer a maximum speed of up to 45Mbps that enables the user to enjoy videos without buffering and download a 1GB file in around three minutes roughly.

Important Aspects of Airtel 4G Network

Here are some of the important things that you must know about Bharti Airtel’s 4G network services:

  • The company offers all the 4G plans to the users at the prices of existing 3G plans only. This means you are not required to pay a higher amount for accessing the 4G network on your smartphone. The starting price for accessing a 4G network is just 25 rupees.
  • The company boasts of starting the fastest network and data speeds across 296 cities in the country. The users will be able to access uninterrupted and unlimited data speed for surfing the internet and downloading various stuff.
  • The existing Airtel users who are already using the 3G SIM card have an option to switch to a new 4G SIM card that can be made available to the users on their request. In addition to this, the company is offering free home delivery of 4G SIM.
  • The company has estimated its capital expenditure to cross $2.2 billion for fiscal year 2016 which is not so surprising keeping in mind the aggressive plans and advertisements done by the company to expand their 4G network in the country.
  • Airtel has tried to make a smarter move by introducing its 4G services in India before any other competitors such as Reliance and Vodafone could do that.
  • The music streaming facility of the company namely Wynk Music is one of the major element of Airtel’s marketing strategy. According to this, the company will be offering unlimited music downloads as well as streaming completely free of cost for six months to those users who had switched to 4G SIM cards.

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What will I do with this unbelievable speed ?

I can’t explain in words what I am going to do with my 4G Internet. Now, I will download my favorite movies in just few minutes through Airtel 4G internet, although I am going to tease my younger brother who lives in New Zealand and always complains about slow Internet in India. Now, I will stay in touch with my clients and all office branches on Skype though this fastest Internet. Of course, I will watch live streaming videos without buffering and Big Boss live feed will be my first choice. I am very excited now and going to enjoy Airtel 4G.

Airtel 4G network is the undoubtedly the best among other existing networks in terms of speeds and accessibility. For those users, who wish to get higher speed while accessing internet, Airtel’s 4G network is definitely a must try.

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