8 Reasons to Go Solar This Year

There is no better time to go solar than right now, and we are going to explain why. The environmental benefits of this are huge, and not only that – it will also help you cut down on energy expenses a great deal. Basically it’s a great way to improve home efficiency, as well as to reduce your carbon footprint. So, whether your reasons are economic, environmental, or both – in this article, we are going to talk about reasons for you to go solar this year in more detail.

1. Reduced energy costs

Investing in solar panels is going to reduce your energy costs. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner or a business owner, we all know that electricity costs can oftentimes make up a rather large portion of our monthly expenses. Well, if you go solar, you are basically going to generate free power as long as your solar-powered system is up and running. 

Considering the fact that not every place gets the same amount of sunlight, you probably aren’t going to look at 100 percent of solar energy coverage, but rest assured that solar power is definitely going to reduce your utility bills and you will still save a lot of money in the long run.

2. It’s a good investment

Let’s be clear, installment of solar panels is not an expense, it’s an investment, and a good one as well. Sure, you are going to spend some money in the beginning, but doing this is not a gamble nor something that will only need more expenses along the way. On the contrary, going solar is going to pay off in the long term for sure. As we have explained in the previous section, reduced energy costs are a given! 

3. Tax advantages

Did you know that going solar comes with big tax advantages? Basically, federal governments provide tax advantages in order to compound the savings from reduced energy costs.  So, if you are a property owner that deploys solar energy solutions, and you have the right tax situation – you can reduce system cost by up to 50% with the federal Income Tax Credit and accelerated depreciation, pretty good deal, right? Also, if you own a business that has gone solar, you get to choose to spread this benefit over the life of a solar power system or even to retroactively apply it to past tax years.

4. Increasing your property value

Considering all the advantages of having a solar power system, it’s no mystery that there have been multiple studies that have found that homes equipped with solar-powered systems have way higher property values. Not only that, but the probability is also high that such properties are going to sell more quickly than homes without a solar panel installation. 

Now more than ever appraisers are increasingly considering solar panel installations as they value homes. Also, as the entire society, hence the homebuyers as well become more educated about solar power benefits, demand for properties with such systems is just going to continue to grow.

5. Reducing your carbon footprint

Considering the state in which our environment is now, it is crucial to actively think about the ways that we can be more eco-friendly and hence reduce our carbon footprints. Did you know that, by the reports of the U.S. Green Building Council, residential buildings contribute with staggering 39 percent to all carbon emissions in the United States? Having a solar power system helps greatly in order to decrease these effects. 

And as solar power usage continues to spread throughout different sectors, it will only help more. There even are green-energy commercial lights that could help cut down carbon emission regarding public space lighting! And yes, it is true that every solar panel makes just a dent in these statistics, but it’s a cumulative effect that matters. As property owners, be it, homeowners, business owners, or non-profit organizations continue to adopt solar power systems, the effect is going to become greater and greater, ultimately having a big, lasting impact. 

How does going solar reduce greenhouse gas emissions? 

Basically, the electricity that solar panels produce is completely emissions-free, no CO2, no nothing. Also, when you use renewable solar energy in order to meet your energy needs, you are going to reduce the demand for electricity from your utility, and that way, your utility plant is going to emit less carbon when producing the power needed to meet customer demands. Whatever resources that your utility is using in order to produce energy, especially if they are using fossil fuels – the impact is going to be extremely significant in the long run.

6. Boosting U.S. energy independence

The most significant thing regarding this topic is the fact that the sun is a virtually infinite energy source. This is basically a key component when it comes to achieving energy independence in the United States. If we increase our capacity to utilize solar power from the sun, we can also help our country greatly when it comes to price fluctuations in global energy markets, which will hence boost the economy.

7. Limited maintenance

The thing with power systems is that they very often require a couple of tweaks here and there in order to function as efficiently as possible, but this is not the case when it comes to solar panels. While a solar array does require some basic maintenance like cleaning, for instance, in order to operate at full efficiency, it is by no means time-consuming or expensive. Basically there is no day-to-day maintenance, so it is really easy to utilize and maintain.

8. Flexible financing options

There are so many different flexible financing options available for commercial businesses, as well as for homeowners. Many options for businesses in particular require little to almost none up-front costs. So, your available capital or taxes don’t play a really big role in this because modern financing solutions are there to provide favorable options for your business or organization no matter the size. There’s a solution for virtually everyone who is interested in going solar, so, no matter if you want to own the system outright, lease it for some time, or just simply purchase the power from an array, it can be arranged.

In the end, it’s really up to you to choose how you are going to meet your energy needs. But if you truly consider all the points made in this article, both ones concerning the finances and the economy, as well as the ones concerning the environmental benefits, you will surely realize that by going solar, not only you are going to benefit – everyone is.

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