5 Useful Tips For Digital File Backup

In the world of technology, everything has been digitized and we all depend on our devices like computer, tablets, phones etc. we use these devices to store our data safe. Any file can be stored easily in your laptop but the problem is that how to keep it safe from data crash.

These days we save our business important documents in electronic devices and even students use laptops or tablets to record or watch online lectures from other universities or colleges, they download e-books, assignments and presentation in their laptops. It makes easy to restore data or takes a while to reopen the file on which you have worked and help us to access the data again and again.



If you are totally relying on your electronic devices to store your data, It can be dangerous when your data is crashed.

To secure your backup from data crash, here are five storage options.

1. External Hard Disk

External hard drive will be the best solution, If you want permanent cure for this. The external hard drive is portable disk and easy to carry anywhere without any risk. You can purchase it according to data requirement and It’s affordable to purchase.
It can be useless sometimes, when It gets damaged and you will have to go for data recovery that is a last and costly option.

2. Pen Drive

Pen drive can be said good storage device during an emergency condition, when you don’t have any option to secure data. It’s an easiest device to use because you don’t need to install any software for It, just simply plug It into your computer or laptop. It’s always better to keep the pen drive in the pocket but It may be lost easily anywhere due to small size and may show USB malfunction error due to much excess use of It.

3. CD/DVD backup

In past years CD/DVDs were the only options for backup and now also some people use this for small data backup. CD/DVDs can store data up to a limit and take much time in storing process . These can be burnt only once and rewritable CD/DVDs can be burnt up to a limit. These are very delicate and becomes useless after some time. We need to keep them properly in a cover to protect from scratch or crack. CD/DVDs do not perform as fast as a pen drive can. It takes time to perform and sometimes shows error in copying or uploading any content from CD/DVD.

4. E-mail backup

Email Id plays a vital role when you don’t have much space in your hard disk and you have to make secure your document file or data. You can save data in draft of mail and use easily anywhere to download from a Mail – draft.

This is not most secure procedure of backup because Email can be hacked and data might be stolen, but It works occasionally.

5. Cloud Computing storage

Cloud Computing is the best and exclusive online storage alternate where you can store your important data on the server and It can be accessed with Internet anywhere In the world from a computer or any device. Cloud storage proves Itself better storage option than other USB pen drive and hard drive storage because you don’t need to take tension of losing It like external devices.

Seeing Its benefits, Mobile companies also providing free limited cloud storage to impress customers. Before taking any cloud service, you need to check features of various cloud storage providers.

There are many storage providers available in the market where you can get limited free storage like google drive, Microsoft sky drive, Drop Box and many more. Overall, Cloud storage can be said 100 % guarantee of protecting your data.

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