5 Future Camera Technologies That Will Change How We Take Photos

Camera technology has been evolving for years. Whether it’s a Polaroid camera, Box Brownie or DSLR, the progress in new camera tech has made so many people get into photography.

This trend is expected to rise in future giving you more motivations to become a photographer. What futuristic advancements we can expect to have in camera technology? Find out in this post.

Smartphone cameras will become better than DSLRs.

How will this happen? Well, currently smartphones cameras are bound by thin single lens. To have an image quality like DSLR thick and heavy lens are required which are too big to fit in phone cameras. So, far this has not been accomplished but soon this limitation will no longer exist.

Better auto-focus options will be added in cameras.

LinX cameras are making camera with better auto focus options already. Right now we are only able to focus the subject in frame when we are snapping an image. These cameras will provide auto-focus after a photo is captured. It is going to add more light and colors in the pictures.

This is very much possible due to the fact that there are differences in lenses.

Face detection and auto-tagging software will be introduced.

Face detection features will be added in digital cameras along with biometric data. With these advancements we won’t need to fill in information for pictures while uploading them on our social networking accounts. Qualcomm is creating software which will provide auto Meta tags to images whenever they are clicked.

Shooting pictures and videos in dark will be possible.

Canon seems like producing like 35mm camera which is going to shoot pictures in dark. No more infrared tech will be required for low light pictures. Photographers will be able to make high definition videos and pictures in the dark. With this new progress, the night photography will totally change.

Can you imagine a 250 MP digital camera?

This is why the camera tech is so exciting! Canon had an expo where it gave an idea about cameras in future to its potential customers.

When we talk about megapixels of cameras, it’s not a small deal. It’s the main element of the camera and that’s what decides the picture quality level. These days, we have 8, 12 and 16 MP cameras commonly whereas a 50 MP camera is considered the best. 250 MP is going to be a massive change. It will step up the photography game too high. With such amazing camera lens we will be able to snap pictures from 8-10 miles away and still the pictures will have the finest details. The zooming option won’t even disturb the quality of the images in such cameras.

These camera technologies will make the photographers capture the world in most beautiful ways ever! The pictures will become more real and life-like. I am so excited to use all the above features in future camera gear! How about you? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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