5 Best Spy Camera Apps For Android Tablets & Android Smart Phones

Spy Camera is the secret camera that can be used to capture people and their activities secretly. The secret or spy camera applications for your Android smart phones and Tablets help you to monitor the activities secretly by recording the videos and capturing images silently.

No one comes to know that he/she is being captured, because the screen doesn’t display anything, but if the scene is recorded, it will be stored in the preferred memory.

So, if you wish to capture someone secretly, you can use some of the popular Android Spy Camera Apps listed below:


1. Mobile Hidden Camera

This application can be installed to your Android smart phone or tablet through Play Store and it will be displaying text or icon on the screen, so that no one knows that he/she is being captured by the camera. The quality of image or the video recorded will be little low. Some of its interesting features are:

  • No shutter sound
  • The flies will be stored in the private folder
  • It will capture the photos and will record the videos silently
  • It offers a quick quit mode


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2. Silent camera

There are number of spy camera applications that lack the high resolution and the graphic quality. But silent camera application allows you to capture everything secretly with higher resolution and better image quality. It also offers you two different modes of capturing the images- the Vibration mode, and the black screen mode. But this spy camera application lacks the video capturing. Some interesting features of this app are:

  • The volume up button will take five photos in a sequence
  • It has two modes of capturing the photos
  • It offers quick access through widget
  • The simple touch on background capture the images


3. Super Spy Camera+

This application is the advanced version of super spy camera app that lacked several features. You can capture the images silently and you can save the captured images to any location you want. It also has an auto shot feature that allows you to take photos continuously. Some of its key features are:

  • No shutter sound
  • You can preview the captured image
  • Silent capture of image


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4. Silent Camera 2

This is another quality application to capture the high resolution images. It is the advanced version of Silent camera Application and comes with good features like:

  • Capture high resolution photos
  • It captures the images silently with blank screen
  • You can preview the enable or disable option


5. Stalker – Secret Spy Camera

Stalker is a new hidden spy camera app which lets user to take photos or videos secretly whilst showing SMS on screen, for example you can spy on your friend or partner without letting them know. The interface is very simple and easy to use even a novice can capture the pictures safely. There are some advantageous features:

  • It captures high quality photos and Videos.
  • You can keep your app protected using passcode feature.
  • You can take full control in manual mode.


6. Secret Camera

The secret camera application allows the users to take the images using volume buttons. You can take the photos even when the screen is off. The Auto shot feature of this app will let you to capture images using timers and the multi shot feature will allow you to capture photos in a sequence. Other features of secret camera app are:

  • Secure Video recording and integrated CCTV Camera
  • Records the video in HD
  • Capture the images by use of volume Button
  • The screen can be set according to your choice during the capture of image or video


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So, these were some apps to capture the images and record quality videos secretly without letting the other people know what is going on. So, get one of these apps for yourself and record everything secretly.

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